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Luis Ernesto: Fourth place in the Absolute Championship of the Cuban Chess

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The Cuban Grand Master could not (GM) Avilanian Luis Ernesto Quesada Pérez (2 513) prevent the victory of International Master (MI) Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera (2 577) in the match between the two, enough for the Camagueyan boy to win the championship Chess absolute in Cuba. However, the representative of Ciego de Ávila achieved a successful performance by placing fourth, matched with former national champions Isán Ortiz Suárez (Holguín-2 519) and Yuri González Vidal (Havana-2 565), whom he defeated and relegated to the fifth and sixth seats, in that order. The outcome of the competition corresponds to the predictions that preceded it, because Albornoz has a meteoric rise, to the point that, with 18 years and two months of life, he became the Creole who reaches that title with less age. According to the statistics of Professor and International Referee Osmani Pedraza Ledón, GM Villaclareño Jesús Nogueiras had the previous record since 1977, with 18 years and five months.

The specialist clarifies that, according to research by Miguel Ángel Sánchez, a biographer of Capablanca, the best Creole trebejista did not officially win the 1901 championship, when he was 13 years old: “… after that match with Juan Corzo, the tournament was played Cuba official, who won Corzo himself. ” In the contest just concluded in Villa Clara, another novel player, the Havana MI Roberto García Pantoja (2 514), finished in second place with the same accumulated as Albornoz (7.5), but with fewer units in the tiebreaker system. He also added his third GM standard. The bronze medal went to GM Villaclareño Yasser Quesada Pérez (2 538), owner of seven units. With respect to the Elo coefficient, Bathrobe increased 9.7, which should be rounded to 10, Garcia grew by 20 points, Yasser (11) and Luis Ernesto (5). Of these four players, Albornoz and Yasser were in the national preselection, while Garcia and Luis Ernesto should be considered for that select group. Relay in action While the best trebejistas of the moment in the country were being debated in the Villaclareño Chess Palace that honors the memory of GM Guillermo García, at the Eleazar Jiménez Zerquera Avilanian Academy, the pioneering provincial tournament took place with the presence of more than 30 infants, from five municipalities. The Venezuelan team, guided by professors Yadier Viera Losada and Félix Villazón Macías, received the highest honors, especially for the performance of Ignacio Quesada, leader in the men's classification with five stripesThe second and third places were in Brayan de Jesús Téllez (4) and Alejandro Hernández (3,5), both of Julio Antonio Mella School, in the provincial capital. From that same squad come the winners among the girls, branch in which Heidly Jiménez was the champion, escorted by Claudia Aguilera (4), while the third step was conquered by Daniela Justa, from January 1st. These skills are the basis for the development of the work, since the little ones, as soon as they increase their strength on the board, have the opportunity to measure themselves with the elderly, follow their development, which leads to the most talented and persistent can Become Masters with less than 20 years of age.

The Grat Master (MG) Luis Ernesto Quesada Pérez (2 513) from Ciego de Ávila could not prevent the International Master Carlos Daniel Albornoz Cabrera victory

Avilanian chess players in the elite

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Four chess players from Ciego de Ávila are included in the top 10 of their respective categories in Cuba, a result that reflects the progress of the new figures, despite the shortage of teachers in the municipalities and the EIDE Marina Samuel Noble.

inter luis ernesto

Yurismaily and her inmmaculate goal

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She is barely 20 years old, but speaks with the maturity and seriousness of a Central American champion. She was the best Avilanian athlete of collective sports in 2018 and contributed, despite difficulties with her health, to making hockey the most outstanding discipline in Cuba last year.

Sport in Turquino-Bamburanao Plan

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The sport works wonders for the Turquino-Bamburanao Plan, which covers several mountain areas in the Avilanian municipality of Chambas. Very hard work in these places, especially in the field, hence the practice of physical exercises, independent of those performed at the site, is a necessity to get out of the routine and give the body what is required. A team of five Recreation teachers, and the same number of teachers dedicated to the teaching of Physical Education, work in the region to give dynamism to the majority of the population segments that reside there; However, that template is not enough. This criterion is supported by Idalberto Herrera Pérez, responsible for the sports of the aforementioned project in Chambas: “This group has declined because some teachers have gone to other sectors, a fact that makes it difficult for the more than 6,000 inhabitants of the 23 settlements that we have". However, they give priority to the seven schools and the dozens of clinics in the area, and have a significant result: the selection of the Voluntary Sports Council of the Mabuya School as the best of the aforementioned plan. Right next to that area, the Nelson Daniel González López schoolboy was captured, who competes in athletics for people with disabilities and is among the prospects that the country is developing today. Among those most attached to the promotion of sport is Yuniesky Pereira Romero, a 36-year-old man, who alternates peasant tasks with those of a teacher in his homeland, the town of La Nenita. “My job is to provide services related to physical exercises at Tomás Palmero Vizcaíno School; In addition, I maintain links with the family doctor's office, a circle of grandparents, plus a health group formed by patients of different pathologies. ”

With 10 years of experience, the teacher contributed to the satisfactory evaluation given to the Turquino-Bamburanao Plan during the last inspection to evaluate the work related to the recreation and practice of physical exercises. “Among the activities I do is the promotion of the sports that I like most in the community, that is, baseball and soccer, plus recreational activities. The latter are mainly developed on Saturdays and consist of several games, with greater force for dominoes. "Other possibilities we give are public toy libraries in the social circle, in addition to attending physical training in a rustic outdoor gym," said Pereira. Although there is still a lot to be done for professionals such as Idalberto and Yuniesky, 2019 will bring them, together with their peers, the recruitment of colleagues so that the tasks increase their systematicity, and thus contribute, with quality of life, to the sport throbbing in those distant communities.


Tiburones debut this Saturday

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The Avilanian soccer squad will make its debut in the 104th Cuban League when, this Saturday, starting at 3:00 p.m., in front of the local team, in the spirit field.


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