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    • Sensitive and battle hands +

      Mano sensible y de batalla

      In the city of Ciego de Ávila, she walks through life with a good instinct and a noble soul, available for everyone who arrives at the number 11 medical office or at home, because both of them are almost the same: one below, the other above.

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    • Diana, guardian of life +

      Diana, guardiana de la vida

      Since she was little she dreamed of being a doctor. She wanted to be like her mother, to save lives, cure diseases, ease the pain of everyone in need. She wanted to be useful… Diana Isabella Rancaño Peña, she is in her 4th year of Medicine and is about to make that dream come true.

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    • María Esther, when love is grounded +

      María Esther, cuando el amor se prende a la tierra

      Guantanamera, from the root to the essence, found love in Ciego de Ávila, and here she has been germinating for just over six years. And germinating is literal, because María Esther Montalvo, with her 60 years, gives birth to the land that she cultivates and guards with passion, nestled in the organoponic El Jiquí.

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    • Ania, committed to the people +

      Ania, comprometida con el pueblo

      She prefers to act. Speak only what is necessary. Working feels like a succeess for her. She is not afraid of work. She knows that it is necessary to grow, to strengthen the spirit, not to fall into immobility.

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    • Mariela, the voice that everyone listens to +

      Mariela, la voz que todos escuchan

      Her authority was bequeathed to her as an attribute. However, she has never misused it. Quite the opposite. In the exercise of it, the preaching of the example has always prevailed and with it the ability to convince others and grant the right to those who have it.

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    • The extended family woman +

      La muchacha de familia extendida

      Restless and serene, as if it were possible to combine both positions, Yoleysis González Rodríguez, makes no objections or obstacles to say that her favorite place is the Prosecutor's Office. And she came to Ciego de Ávila to stay although she is a native of Villa Clara.

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    • María Félix, a person every day more necessary +

      María Félix, cada día más necesaria

      When you look at her, you immediately feel that you are in front of a woman who does not lie or mask the truths. Right now, if you ask me what I admire the most about her, without hesitation I would say: "Her full confidence". She could pass for an introvert person if it were not for that capacity for open dialogue, loaded with wisdom, modesty and sincerity, which can be endless, because María Félix Arocha Hernández always has something to say, and when she begins to speak, she has no time to stop, according to her own words.

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    • Jorge Martínez: warrior vocation +

      Jorge Martínez: vocación guerrera

      Jorge Martínez Wilson, the best judoka in Ciego de Ávila's history due to his competitive results, does not know pride and lacks any desire for prominence, despite his 10-year spent in the Cuban national team.

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    • The magic house +

      La casa mágica

      Journalistic curiosity has wanted to take me to the privileged place that is the house of Guille (José Guillermo González) and Mery (María Antonieta Espinosa Suárez), built almost a century ago.

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