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    Construction Materials Provincial Company from Ciego de Ávila

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    About us?

    The Construction Materials Provincial Company in Ciego de Ávila was created by resolution 63/ 2015 of the Ministry of Economy and Planning dated March 4, 2015 as a consequence of the extinction of the former Provincial Company of various constructions.
    It belongs to the Council of the Provincial Administration of People's Power and is located in Ciego de Ávila street. This company has the fundamental social object of producing and marketing construction materials to legal entities.

    As part of the update of the economic model since 2011, the Local Materials Production Program and Sales to the Population and investment entities have been implemented throughout the country, as a fundamental support for local development, starting from exploiting natural raw materials, recyclables and potentialities of each locality combined with the will and state action to grant financial subsidies to people and families with lower incomes for the construction, renovation, repair and expansion of their homes in correspondence with the composition of each family nucleus and increase the offers to individuals and families who, to the extent of their purchasing power, manage the improvement of their properties. For this reason, the fundamental destiny of the company productions is to increase the construction, renovation, repair and maintenance of the territory's housing fund, carrying out operations in national currency.

    The mission of Building Company is to promote, develop and consolidate an efficient and effective socialist state company, specialized in the local production and commercialization of construction materials, capable of assuming and complying with the figures and lines established in the province by the National Group of Construction Materials Local Production and Sales to the Population in quantities and ascending quality, fulfilling the contract with the Ministry of Interior Trade stores up to the level of the Popular Council and the requirements of the investment programs, repairs and maintenance of the social works of the territory. Generate assortments and quantities of products, and additional elements that allow us to enter the market of wholesale marketers with prices of offers and demands to strengthen economic efficiency indicators. Increasing the levels of satisfaction of the demand contracted with Ministry of Interior Trade stores in the ten municipalities and the requirements of the investment, repair and maintenance program of the social works of the territory, is one of the most important points within the vision of the entity .