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    The first trimester of the year concludes with challenges to meet in Ciego de Ávila

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    Concluye primer trimestre del año con retos por cumplir en Ciego de Ávila

    The members of the Provincial Government Council in Ciego de Ávila, convinced that it is necessary to put in each planned and executed action the name and surname of those responsible and those involved individuals, analyzed a broad agenda, which included core aspects to guarantee the vitality of the territory.

    With the presence of Carlos Luis Garrido Pérez, President of the Provincial Defense Council and First Secretary of the PCC, the work session led by the Governor, Tomás Alexis Martí Venegas, addressed as fundamental aspects the results of compliance with the Economy Plan and the Budget at the end of February, the comprehensive analysis of the Primary Health Care Program, compliance with the Housing Plan at the close of the first trimester of 2021, the results of the sugar harvest and the progress of the planting program, as well as the results of the Ordering Task in the province.

    As a matter of permanent follow-up, the meeting carried out the analysis of the level of solution of the First and Second processes of accountability, the dispatch and those registered people in the plan of the economy in the current year of the seventeenth mandate. In this regard, the Secretary of the Provincial Council reported that in the first process of rendering of the 4,149 administrative proposals, 3,499 were resolved, for 84.2%. The 86 pending solutions are concentrated in: Ciego de Ávila with 61, Venezuela 12, Morón 8, Chambas and Baraguá with 2 each one and Ciro Redondo with 1.

    In the second process of accountability of the 3,330 administrative proposals, 2,172 were resolved for 65.2%. There are 190 proposals pending solution, concentrated in the municipalities of Ciego de Ávila with 122, Baraguá 25, Morón 16, Venezuela 13, Chambas 9, and Primero de Enero 5. In the dispatches of the current mandate a total of 56,275 proposals have been registered, of which 50 993 have been solved, 90.6%.

    It is worth noting that 286 proposals were included in this year's economic plan. At the end of the first trimester, 40 must be solved, of which 37 have been solved. The municipalities of Morón, Bolivia, Ciro Redondo, Florencia, Majagua, Ciego de Ávila and Venezuela fulfilled 100% of what was planned.

    After the provided information, it was confirmed that it is still necessary to carry out the analysis of this issue with the rigor and quality required from the Boards of Directors, where the mayors and Program Coordinators, as well as Boards of the Administration, must participate, since a certain superficiality is manifested in agreements that are not measurable and concrete actions to solve problems.

    Another significant aspect analyzed in the meeting was the fulfillment of the Housing Program, which specified the need for municipal governments to intend the check and look for alternatives to carry it out.

    Dr. Ángel E. Batista Díaz, Provincial Director of Health, presented a detailed report on the Family Medicine Program to the Council. It specified that it is not exempt from deficiencies that are required in the monitoring of processes and results of professional activity, material limitations for compliance with medical action protocols, insufficient intersectoral and community work, among others, that they are expressed in deficiencies in the modes of action aimed at health promotion and disease prevention.

    In this regard, Carlos Luis Garrido Pérez, First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the PCC pointed out that it is necessary to be more systematic and integrate efforts. “The Health sector has demonstrated the capacity of the men and women who make it up, but health as a process of complete physical, psychological and economic-social well-being is the competence of all sectors. This is called intersectorality and that has not been working well”, he stressed.

    According to the behavior of the economy and the execution of the budget, at the end of February 28, the province reports that in the business sector, 25 companies close with losses and of the Companies of Local Subordination, 100% of them report to the Directorate of Economy and Planning the behavior of its indicators. Total Income is met at 74.6 percent, which represents 120.70 MP below what was expected.

    Regarding the execution of the budget, the provincial director of Finance and Prices, Yainet Vidal, informed that the province at the end of the year obtained as a budget result a deficit of 214 636 286 pesos as a combination of current result of 264 464 754 pesos and from a capital of 49 828 468 pesos, from a planned deficit result of (253 308 275) pesos, mainly caused by the non-execution of expenses in Non-Budgeted Activities.

    At the end of the fiscal year, 343 027 883 pesos of equalization have been received to finance the budget deficit of which 202 819 600 pesos were allocated for the municipalities, 4 279 900 pesos for the payments of the Artists to the MUSICAVILA company leaving 135 928 383 pesos as liquidity distributed among the provincial PUs, so there is a leveling deficit to assume the entire deficit.

    In relation to the control and collection of fines, at the end of the month the efficiency of the province behaves at 95.7 percent, growing by 4.2 percent with respect to the same period of the previous year, with the increase in fines imposed on the epidemic outbreak, based on all the reinforcement measures that have been taken in the territory, which for several days has accompanied the local authorities in the confrontation with the COVID-19 disease, being a source of transmission in our province.

    Concrete actions require constant activity from local governments, without postponing or postponing action, always united with the people, the one who exercises the true and only popular power.