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    Ciego de Ávila`s referee with golden boot in Pan American Games

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    Árbitro avileño con botín de oro en Panamericano de l

    His performance is not surprising, since this young man, in charge of dispensing justice on mattresses, has a record with abundant merits in these functions, which place him among the most prominent in the country in his specialty; and at the provincial level he has been the one with the best international performance in recent years.

     After what happened in Oaxtepec, a city belonging to the state of Morelos, Sosa, he thanked on his Facebook profile those who contributed to his formation, including Hirán Álvarez, Manuel Rodríguez and Enrique Oliva, this last one considered his main guide.

    His stay in the Aztec nation also allowed him to closely follow the fighting of two students with whom he has had a very close relationship, Jeisser Sampson Sánchez, champion of the 130 kilograms, and Arlier La O Mendoza, third in the 77 kilograms, both in the Greco-Roman mode.

    He feels these performances as his own, since his current duties as director at the Provincial Academy, in addition to his experience as a coach, dating back some years, have allowed him to interact with the two young men, whom he has seen grow and train as athletes of prospects.

    In fact, Jeisser was his student when he was just a child, and through the combined work with another teacher, Yenier García González, it was possible that the talented boy was recruited to the Marina Samuel Noble School of Sports Initiation School, where he also managed to advance to the national team and is already a top figure in the hemisphere in its category.

    Yunior's followers on social networks are surprised that he is not on the list of referees for the Tokyo Olympics. That decision corresponds to those who govern arbitration in the international arena, but this time they did not take him into account.

    However, the aspiration to go to a date under the five rings is still valid in this gladiator of justice. Youth and talent have to be assigned that responsibility in future appointments, and while that chance arrives, it is evident that the essential thing will be to work hard, in this lies the essence to promote new golden boots.