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    Reunión en la brigada Uno del Aeropuerto  Internacional Jardines del Rey

    This Wednesday, accompanied by workers from the Department of Attention to the Population, as well as the Head of Customs in Ciego de Ávila, the advertising spot for the new page of the Cuban Customs, the logo of the campaign and its content, in addition to the Prime Minister's intervention at the AGR Working Meeting, issues such as quality of service as well as the commitment of customs officials to continue providing an excellent service were discussed.

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    Reunión del sistema de trabajo e atención en la Aduana de Ciego de Ávila

    Directed by the Head of Customs Jorge L. Alfonso Hernández, the meeting of the Working System of Attention to the Population was held this morning, where the actions to be developed to respond to the clarifications made by the Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz in The AGR's annual working meeting, in addition to the communication campaign as well as its logo "For your safety, with kindness and courtesy" was explained by the Head of Secretariat, a moment of exchange between the heads of the unit on the work projections for this year 2021.

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    The activists of the Ciego de Ávila Customs participated this Sunday in a voluntary work summoned by the General Secretary of the UJC Nesvely Moya Rodríguez, the place chosen was the Agricultural UEB El Mambí for the collection of potatoes on the occasion of the upcoming 59th Anniversary of the Organization.

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    Turismo ruso por aeropuerto Jardines del rey

    Russian tourism continues to choose the Jardines del Rey destination, so far 4 weekly flights have stabilized from that origin, cohesion is maintained between all authorities based on operations, guaranteeing compliance with the health protocol for the preservation of the forces and travelers in addition to Aviation security measures.

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    Visita de Ministro de Turismo

    The Jardines del Rey International Airport received a visit from the Minister of Tourism Juan Carlos García Granda accompanied by other Government, MINTUR, ECASA, Customs and Immigration officials. During the tour, he exchanged different topics emphasizing the treatment to Russian tourism due to the increase of that kind of clients that are coming and urged to continue working by providing an excellent service complying with the established protocols to face COVID-19.

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    Soñando dibujo mi aduana

    The Second Place Awards of the contest "Dreaming I draw my Customs" in the category from 7th to 9th grade, were given to Daniel Alejandro Álvarez Luengo, son of the Shift Supervisor Misleidys Luengo Jerez. A moment of joy for this young man who will not stop making creative paintings showing the work of the Ciego de Ávila customs at the border.