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    News bulletin No.2 on Covid-19

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    Boletín Informativo Covid-19 No.2

    A new edition of the News bulletin on Covid-19 available to the community that visits the Ciego de Ávila Citizen Portal and the Provincial Portal of the Cuban Health Network.

    On this occasion, its pages show the prevention actions that are developed in Ciego de Ávila, followed by a Guide that expands, from scientific foundations, individual strategies to avoid or minimize the possibilities of contagion. An important section is that of Forecasts, which allows information and knowledge to be available in a timely manner, so that they influence the effectiveness of the analysis in decision-making and which include Maps with the corresponding mathematical models.

    Finally, we present the essence of the Propaga Vida communication campaign, launched in September, after the complexity of the epidemiological situation in the province and which remains in full force.

    You have the possibility to exchange with the members of the Scientific Team, through the contacts contained in the newsletter and clarify doubts, concerns or make any consultation, which you deem appropriate, depending on updating on the subject.

    We count on your approach and acceptance, #CubaFor Health