The most beautiful love

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    El amor más bonito

    You do not need a specific date, although it is not a bad thing to be paid "honors" on a day marked in the almanac. History, tradition and even commercial mechanisms coexist, which I prefer to ignore, although Marxist ideology at the end of the day, understand that man thinks how he lives.

    And love, in its widest acceptance, because it cannot be otherwise, deserves to be celebrated, mentioned or evoked, during the 24 hours of the day, every day of the year. Perhaps this way, we would not suffer so much neglect in this world of ours.

    There are many examples that, as if they were sketched by the brush of an exalted painter, illustrate the constancy and also the need to never renounce that beneficent peace that this feeling provides. They sing to love and dance for love, as if life itself was an endless party. But love also implies sacrifices, detachments, sometimes it causes pain that is not easily alleviated, conversely, goes with us in permanent metamorphosis.

    How much love did our Martí, who became it in Abdala, express for the nation to which he gave life as his epic character? Because that love went beyond venerating the land that he walked on. It was, as it is for us, "the eternal hate of those who attack it." It can not be any other way. It is inconceivable to commune or to agree with someone who, no matter where they come from or wherever they are, believes that they can tarnish the place where we were born, or its symbols, or the ideals that are professed, because it is no longer a mere geography, to become that vital, unique and unrepeatable music, whether we are inside or outside of it.

    It is from love and for love that Cuban scientists and professionals and technicians of Public Health indulge in insomnia with pleasure, to receive as the best reward, each life saved, which they snatch from the pandemic. There is no disguise or pretext. They act, moved by the extreme will to do good.

    Both feelings, loving the country and loving the usefulness of virtue that comes from love for what we do, is immediately stamped on family devotion, and also vice versa. It is the tiny country, reduced to the most well-known and longed-for faces. To the hands and arms always outstretched, that not a thousand pandemics can maim.

    Until this minute, I have no doubts: love for Cuba unites us, mobilizes us, fills us with hope, as President Miguel Díaz-Canel has said, who also protects us and makes us strong.