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    Glass recovery ensures national productions

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    Recuperación de vidrio asegura producciones nacionales

    The Raw Materials Recovery Company (ERMP by its Spanish initials) of the province of Ciego de Ávila ensures the availability of glass containers for food, beverage and drug processing entities, and glass fibers for the manufacture of industrial products.

     Manuel Rieche González, general director, highlighted that productive chains are achieved with entities destined to the production and commercialization of green medicine, the Company of Beverages and Refreshments of the province, and industries and minindustries dedicated to food processing.

    "Although the circulation of glass containers shows a decrease in the current circumstances, the Ciego de Ávila`s ERMP maintains recovery levels that allowed it to meet 75 percent of the glass sales planned for the current year," the manager emphasized.

    "Means of transport (eight tricycles) recently acquired and distributed in different municipalities, allow the approach to the communities to make purchases, as an alternative to counteract the mobility limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic," Kendry Mastrapa Diéguez, director of Operations, stressed.

    Recuperación de vidrio asegura producciones nacionales

    Currently, mobile shopping is being implemented in popular councils in the municipalities of Ciego de Ávila, Morón, Primero de Enero, Majagua, Bolivia, Baraguá and Venezuela; it is planned to extend them to Florencia, Chambas, Ciro Redondo and the Jardines del Rey tourist destination, based on the allocation of means of transport.

    The 15 houses for buying raw materials distributed throughout the province remain active and the network intends to expand with six more, in addition to the existence of a non-agricultural cooperative dedicated to recycling, in the municipality of Ciro Redondo; and a basic recovery unit in the northern Ciego de Ávila`s cays.

    Strengthening ties with mass and student organizations, self-employed workers and the Communal Company, also ensures the collection of raw materials.

    In the course of 2021, some 15 tons of glass fibers have been exported to La Lisa Glass Company, located in the Cuban capital, where bottles for medicines, containers for soft drinks, rum and beers are manufactured; tableware, ornamental items, light bulbs, curved vehicle windshields and other products.
    Bottles are the leading product for export in the national economy, while Jardines del Rey represents the main source to increase the recovery of containers and fiberglass, which requires the implementation of actions in this area to ensure proper classification and use.