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    Murals in sight!

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    ¡Murales a la vista!

    Enthusiasts of the activity, they define that mural art as all that painting that is made on a virgin barrier or wall.

    Muralism can also be done on ceilings. Wall art painting is a very old art form, which was born with the paintings that prehistoric men made on the walls of caves and which became very popular during the Romanesque and Renaissance times. Even so, this artistic modality has never disappeared and in our times, we can find clear examples of mural art anywhere.

    And that is the case of a group of artists that these days, return the colors to various murals in the city of Ciego de Ávila. Given the concern transmitted by its president, Bárbaro Silvio Toranzo Gordillo, about the frank deterioration of several works of this type that appear on Ciego de Ávila`s walls, the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts leads the restoration of 13 works, in a first stage, greeting to July 26, National Rebellion Day.

    ¡Murales a la vista!

    The proposal was made in May, to Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, governor of the province, and in the analysis carried out, which was attended by Rodolfo Mederos and Luis Alberto Pérez Olivares, provincial directors of Culture and Community, respectively. At the meeting, the realization of a new mural was arranged, as part of the recognition of the plastic artists in the territory, to the Health workers, "for their care and dedication in times of pandemic", according to statements by Toranzo Gordillo.

    Up to the date of this report, the restoration of eight had been intervened and completed. Not even the rain has stopped the work, although always, for this type of work it is an obstacle.

    ¡Murales a la vista!

    It is satisfying to see how different generations of creators come together, who with the stroke of the palette and brush, change the face of the environment. Members of UNEAC, the Cuban Association of Craftspeople (ACAA), the Saíz Brothers Association and young graduates of the Academy, are the active people who, based on their knowledge and talent, cause the passerby to stop or slow down, and contemplate what those hands, touched by enchantment, leave on walls that previously lacked magic.