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    What you should know about the temporary suspension of acceptance of dollars

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    Lo que debes saber sobre la suspensión temporal de aceptación de los dólares

    Details on the temporary suspension of acceptance of dollars in cash.

    -The cards in MLC will continue to function, as up to now. Nevertheless, dollars cannot be deposited in cash.

    -Accounts in MLC will continue to receive deposits from abroad, in this currency or other currencies, as they do today.

    -The measure does not prevent transfers between cards in MLC, these can be made as up to now, through the channels enabled for it: Transfermóvil, Enzona, ATMs and bank branches.

    What if you need cash?

    -Individuals who own MLC accounts may continue to make cash extractions in US dollars or another currency that the bank may have at that time.

    -If any bank branch does not have the amount of cash in foreign currency requested by the client, from the subtraction request, the branch will manage the requested funds in the shortest possible time.

    -Individuals may hold, without restrictions, US dollars or any other foreign currency.

    -Savings accounts in dollars maintain their current operation, except that they will not be able to receive cash deposits in that currency, but in other currencies accepted by banks.

    About travelers in the country:

    -Foreign tourists should know that, while the measure lasts, US dollars in cash will not be accepted in the country. To cover their expenses, they must use another currency.

    Travelers who have international cards that work in the country maintain their operation as they have been up to now.