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    Faced with the complex situation due to Covid-19, redouble efforts, discipline and demand

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    Ante la compleja situación por la Covid-19, redoblar esfuerzos, disciplina y exigencia

     During the work session of the Temporary Group in charge of articulating and supervising the measures to combat Covid-19, Ania Rosa Francisco Malde, Deputy Governor of Ciego de Ávila, called to redouble efforts and demand in each of the actions that are carrying out by this body and in the same way, she asked to be transmitted in each work center, community and family nucleus, the need to comply with social distancing.

     “We must minimize the number of people in our entities.  Promote teleworking and maintain vitality in production centers, which do require the physical presence of workers”, Ania Rosa pointed out.

     The services and centers of the province are reorganized to attend to suspect and confirmed cases, in the face of an eminent spread of the epidemic.  The municipalities of Ciego de Ávila and Morón, the last one with a complexity in its situation that places it as second in that category at the country level, provide the highest number of positive patients.  Of the ten municipalities in the province, eight are diagnosed with SARS-Cov-2.

     The measures implemented so far need to be controlled.  The people recognize the need to be energetic and also manifest that some continue to act irresponsibly.  The action has to be joint, with the involvement of the citizens and the authorities, so that the balance does not tip from one side or the other.

     The provincial organisms are in charge of updating the Measure Plans, making them measurable so that they can be evaluated.  In this sense, Lieutenant Colonel Ramón Martín Fragela, Head of the Civil Defense Organ in Ciego de Ávila, reiterated the willingness of specialists to provide advice in this regard, but the nature of this task is urgent, “since it is not a question of one more document, but one more work tool, in this fight against a very dangerous enemy: the new coronavirus ”, he pointed out.

     “We cannot demobilize.  It doesn't matter if it's Saturday or tomorrow is Sunday.  The cadres that are linked to this confrontation know that we cannot neglect for a minute and be reachable all the time”, Ángel Aragón César, Coordinator of the Defense Objectives and Programs of the Provincial Government, said.

     The circulation of strains with a high degree of contagion has increased the mortality rate.  There are still three pillars from which to improve clinical outcomes: early admission to intensive care units, timely classification of cases, and adequate treatment.  The time factor plays a key role.

     Once again, the requirement to comply with health measures, exercise personal, community, family, and social responsibility remain the key to stopping an adversary, who for more than a year has forced us to remain alert.