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    This Wednesday, health intervention with Abdala will begin in Morón

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    Próxima semana intervención sanitaria con Abdala en Morón

    This Sunday, the first batches of the against-covid-19 vaccine candidate Abdala for the health intervention in the population at risk of the municipality of Morón arrived in the province, amid a worsening of the epidemiological situation of the territory, which reported a record of confirmed for one day with 242.

    Doctor Ángel Enrique Batista Díaz, provincial director of Health, told the press that it is planned to begin the immunization of about 50,000 people or subjects of the intervention, next Wednesday, after the conditions are set between Monday and Tuesday from the logistical and organizational point of view in the Rooster`s City.

    With a increasing incidence rate for the last 15 days of more than 700 per 100,000 inhabitants, Morón is one of the municipalities with the worst sanitary situation in the country and the large number of workers at the Jardines del Rey tourist center is added to this complexity, where more than a dozen focus controls have been opened on the current regrowth.

    Hence, the Ministry of Public Health indicated to intervene with Abdala in the population over 19 years of age, from which pregnant women, nursing mothers, those allergic to Thimerosal and those patients with decompensated chronic diseases are excluded. Regarding these last ones, the health authorities recommend following their treatments to arrive at vaccination with stable parameters.

    Those who show respiratory symptoms and are considered suspects, or are direct contacts of confirmed ones, will not be vaccinated either. In the case of convalescents from COVID-19, they must have been discharged from hospital for more than two months.

    Depending on the immunization, 62 vaccination sites have been established, where the resources are guaranteed to maintain the cold chain required by the immunogen, as well as the places for observation of the vaccinated people, who must wait at least one hour under medical surveillance.

    As reported, Abdala has a three-dose schedule, with 14 days between each dose; therefore the cycle would be 0-14-28. However, according to Batista Díaz, antibody titers rise 20 days or a month after the last vaccination. In this sense, having a dose or two, or even the complete scheme, does not mean abandoning the indicated containment measures. "You have to help the vaccine," Batista Díaz said.

    Given the concern of the population, which is anxiously awaiting mass vaccination, the Health Director explained that it would be a phased and gradual process. In a second moment, it will intervene in the provincial capital and from there to the rest of the territories. "Meanwhile, you have to continue taking care of yourself and complying with the measures, and prepare the conditions, certify the vaccinations, guarantee the means of refrigeration, among others." (Sayli Sosa)