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    Morón waiting for Abdala

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    Morón a la espera de Abdala

    This beginning of the week, if you walk around the Roberto Rodríguez Fernández High School, in Morón, you will be able to see up close what has been bustling in this city since the health intervention was announced on Wednesday: the expectation.

    Like in Roberto Rodríguez school, in other 61 centers they prepare premises, wash floors and accommodate chairs. The curious people ask from the fence and the teachers answer that yes, they open on Wednesday as a vaccination establishment.

    Pedro Rafael Macías Macías, director of that institution, finishes arranging party banners at the entrance to explain that they are all preparing four areas of the school: the pantry, the meeting room and two laboratories. They are the "best conditions" places.

    However, the preparation is not limited to that. They clean the windows and eaves in the front. Two teachers wash the hallway on the first floor, and return the welcome posters saved since the classrooms closed.

    “We prepared a place for the medical personnel to fill in the documents of the patients, another for the vaccination and two more for the one hour wait. The areas and refrigerators are ready,” Macías says. He is aware that the health situation is critical and is solemnly happy when he thinks that providing the school and preparing it with care is helping to save lives.

    Milena Linares Pérez, a medical student, may then be in one of these two laboratories, which will be waiting rooms as of June 29, to watch out for possible adverse reactions.

    Her assumption is based on the fact that she lives three blocks from that school, because she does not yet know the point where she will help. What is clear is that she, and the rest of the fourth and fifth year students of Medicine and Stomatology, from the Arley Hernández Moreira Faculty of Medical Sciences, will be distributed among the 62 vaccination centers in the municipality.

    Under their care, Abdala will reach the arm of 50,000 Morón`s citizens for the first time, who should not forget that being immunized takes much longer than taking three doses, and that it constitutes a responsibility in the protection of those who still cannot: pregnant women, mothers of children, infants, boys and girls, decompensated patients from their chronic pathologies, plus convalescents from COVID-19 with less than two months of discharge from hospital.

    It was already said this Sunday, when the shipment of vaccines reached Ciego de Ávila`s land: "having a dose or two, or even the complete scheme, does not mean abandoning the indicated containment measures." (Amanda Tamayo Rodriguez)