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    Tropical storm Elsa

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    Se forma la tormenta tropical Elsa

    The Institute of Meteorology reports that tropical depression number five continued to organize and intensify better during the night and early morning, since abundant clouds with numerous activity of drizzles, rains and thunderstorms mantain.

    Now the maximum sustained winds have increased to 65 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, and the central pressure is 1 006 hectoPascal, making it Tropical Storm Elsa, the fifth of the current cyclonic season.

    At 5:00 o`clock in the morning the center of this tropical storm was estimated at 9.4 degrees North latitude and 48.8 degrees West longitude, a position that places it 1,390 kilometers east-southeast of the Lesser Antilles Arc. This organism is moving rapidly westward at 41 kilometers per hour.

    Over the next 12 to 24 hours, Elsa is forecast to further increase its translation speed and leans its course to the west northwest, while experiencing some additional strengthening.

    Given the position that occupies and the time of year, the Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology keeps a close watch on its evolution and future trajectory.

    The next tropical cyclone warning will be issued at six in the afternoon this Thursday.