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    Júcaro: awake little town

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    Júcaro: pueblito despierto

    Peaceful sea in Júcaro in the early hours of the morning this Sunday

    In Júcaro, the fishing village to the southern region of Ciego de Ávila most prone to coastal flooding, "the bell has already been rang", which in times of tropical cyclones it means the evacuation of people.

    This time it was not the train of salvation, as it used to be.  Buses from the Provincial Transportation Company and other organizations came to transport people to safe places.

    The goods to relocate are not few: the belongings of the residents, household appliances, affectionate and farmyard animals and act in accordance with prevention plans to preserve important economic goals located in the area: UEB Flota Marina Pesca, Sucursal Marlin Azulmar and the warehouses of the port of Palo Alto.

    Previously, Noel Amador Rodríguez and a group designated for moments of contingency, "visited" house to house, spoke with the residents, identified the vulnerable and convinced the few who were still not sure to leave Júcaro, a small town where the weather phenomena often transform from calm to hell in the blink of an eye.

    In memory, the clear image of "water rising and sweeping everything away" in La Pulla and Palmarito neighborhoods, in September 2017, when Hurricane Irma said: "here I am" and even the boats were forced "to sail" on land, away from the coast.

    They know it there and Rolando Márquez Legón, an observer at the local meteorological station, confirms it this morning: «Light wind, from the northeast, with a speed of six kilometers per hour.  Cloudy sky, with high clouds that do not produce precipitation, but it has rained here for three days and the soils are saturated.  I hope Elsa passes away; meanwhile, be careful, because these phenomena are treacherous».