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    Protection of tourist facilities against the passage of tropical storm Elsa is ensured

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    Aseguran protección de instalaciones turísticas ante el paso de la tormenta tropical Elsa

    The staff of the Cuban Hotel Chain in the province of Ciego de Ávila ensures the protection of clients and material resources of its facilities in the tourist destination Jardines del Rey, in the face of the proximity of tropical storm Elsa, which could increase the swell, the rainfall and the intensity of the winds.

    The Tryp Cayo Coco and Colonial hotels guarantee the safety of the guests in the rooms and the availability of food, drinks and other resources to comply with the quality standard established for tourist accommodation facilities with a four-star category, Mariurka Martínez Alemán, delegate of that hotel group in the territory, stressed.

    Prior to Elsa's arrival in the national territory, the technical status of the generator sets and the availability of fuel were also reviewed for their proper operation in the event of possible damage to the electro-energy system.

    Likewise, the vitality of the medical services is maintained, compliance with the protocols and hygienic-sanitary measures to prevent the contagion and spread of COVID-19; they protect the resources in high areas, preventing floods due to heavy rains; and swiming and the practice of nautical sports are prohibited on the beaches.

    Martínez Alemán said that only a minimum number of workers remain in the facilities to meet the needs of customers and intervene in the work of protecting economic goods.

    In the case of the Tryp Cayo Coco hotel, clients of Russian and Canadian nationality who arrived this Friday, are staying with the Air Canada airline; meanwhile, the Colonial Hotel functions as an isolation center for travelers residing in Cuba who arrive through the Jardines del Rey International Airport.

    Actions to reduce vulnerabilities and disaster risks also included the Hotel Mojito, a facility that does not currently provide services, but works as a vaccination center for health intervention in risk groups with the anti-Covid-19 vaccine candidate Abdala.

    The Cubanacán Hotel Group, of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), also owns the Hotel Rueda, belonging to the Encanto Chain and located in the city of Ciego de Ávila, where the protection of solar heaters and resources exposed to environmental conditions was ensured, fundamentally before closing, this Saturday, for not having guests.

    The remaining hotel chains of the Ministry of Tourism with a presence in the territory (Gran Caribe and Islazul), the extra-hotel Palmares, the Gaviota Hotel Group and the insurance companies for the leisure industry, also adopted the pertinent measures to protect their facilities.