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    Taking action in view of a possible flood of the Majagua river

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    Accionan ante posible crecida del río de Majagua

    The Majagua River already played a trick on the inhabitants of this municipality to the southwest of Ciego de Ávila, almost eight months ago, when tropical storm Eta unleashed all its anger here to make it overflow in a far-reaching way that not even its long-lived people remember a similar event.

    It was in November 2020 when not only homes, electrical and telephone networks were damaged, but also agricultural areas of the state and peasants in the area.  Therefore, all precautions are little when in a few hours Elsa will be at its closest point to the ground of Majagua.

    From the recreational complex La Playita, nowadays an isolation center for suspected and positive patients for COVID-19, 10 people suffering from the SARS-CoV-2 virus and another six pending the result of their PCR- RT were transferred to another similar facility.

    From Saturday at 7:00 p.m., the disinfection work of the 18 cabins began, and it was followed by the collection of supplies and mattresses.

    Mireya Marrero Martín, director of UEB La Playita, knows what she is up against and now hopes she will not receive any surprises.  "Everything was taken to the offices that are at the highest point in the vicinity, at a distance greater than the river reached months ago."

    Together with her 33 workers, they already coordinate the communication system for when the weather deteriorates and draw up the strategy to follow so that, during the passage of Tropical Storm Elsa and the hours after, some of them remain at different points of the facility in monitoring resources.

    La Playita will once again join the other two locations enabled in this municipality to receive patients suspected of suffering from COVID-19 belonging to the five Popular Councils when the storm passes.

    Majagua currently has a high incidence of the disease.  The municipal director of Health, Dr. Melva La O Cardoso, told Invasor that currently 15 outbreaks are open and 121-suspected cases are registered, all with a positive rapid test, 69 of them are in isolation centers and the rest in their homes at waiting for your RT-PCR results.