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    Ciego de Ávila`s Sugar Company safeguards its resources and supplies

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    Salvaguarda sus recursos e insumos Empresa Azucarera Avileña

    The prompt implementation of the plan of actions against disasters enabled the Ciego de Ávila`s Sugar Company to safeguard in time its productions, supplies and available resources.

    Herbicides and fertilizers, for example, constitute one of the imported raw materials most viciously lashed out by the criminal U.S. blockade against Cuba, as well as parts and equipment.

    Eduardo Larrosa Vázquez, general director of the Sugar Company in Ciego de Ávila, explained that in this central province some 28,490 tons of sugar were protected in the same way.

    The Ciego de Ávila`s sugar agricultural business drained all its crops in a timely manner, at the same time that it protected the irrigation machines, including its derivatives of sugar and cattle for self-sufficiency.