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    Abdala expands among Morón citizens

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    Abdala se expande entre los moronenses

    After two days of recess due to weather inclement, the health intervention in the population at risk with the vaccine candidate Abdala continued in the municipality of Morón, with the goal of reaching 24,000 injected people with the first dose on this day.

    The rhythm maintained to date allows the planned number of 6,000 vaccinated people daily to be met in the 62 premises set up in the municipality, including the three of the tourist destination Jardines del Rey, which assume the supply of this drug from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) to more than 5,000 workers in the leisure industry.

    Yipsi González Borroto, head of the Vaccination Program in the province of Ciego de Ávila, pointed out that in a term of 10 days, around 50 thousand people, aged 19 or over, could be immunized with the first dose of Abdala, which represents approximately 71 percent of the territory's population.

    Although this represents a guarantee for health, the beneficiaries must maintain compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures, fundamentally physical distancing, use of protection means and disinfection of hands, feet and surfaces, considering that the antibody titers begin to rise from 14 days after applying the third dose, he stressed.

    Studies have shown that the vaccine does not prevent infection; it only helps to prevent the evolution towards serious forms of the disease, González Borroto added.

    Ileana Nuñez Frankis, nurse from the vaccination center established in the Business Unit (UEB) Rensol Solar Heaters Factory, belonging to the Refrigeration and Boiler Company, of the Ministry of Industries, stated that the sanitary intervention is developed successfully, with organization and complying with the protocols established by the Ministry of Public Health.

    Arley González Escalante, director of the aforementioned UEB, recalled the effort of the entity's workers to get the premises ready in record time, and expressed the pride they feel by actively participating in the health intervention to help save human lives.