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    Thinking for effective action

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    Pensar para un actuar eficaz

    The exhaustive review of the new Plan of measures to confront Covid-19 in the community transmission phase constitutes a guiding principle in the actions of the members of the Temporary Work Group in Ciego de Ávila. This was confirmed by Lilian González Rodríguez, second head of the Directorate of Attention to Local Bodies of the Popular Power, in the sustained exchange with this structure in Ciego de Ávila.

    "It is not a question of copying exactly what the National Plan proposes," he explained, "This constitutes a methodological guide, but each plan has to resemble the territory where it is implemented" Faced with the possibility of enriching the measures that comprise it, he asked to be objective in each analysis. The positive experiences that were effective during the phase of limited autochthonous transmission do not have to be discarded, although the idea that it is urgent to do things differently from how they have been doing prevails.

    The meeting also pointed out the need for each decision to be made to be informed to the people, through the different existing communication channels. "Appearance in the media is vital to explain and clarify any doubts that may arise," Ania Rosa Francisco Malde, Vice Governor of the province, said.

    González Rodríguez insisted on the effectiveness of the work system and the flow of information that must make the actions implemented consistent with the results obtained. "They have to constantly think about what would be the best in each case, without dogmas or schemes, think, think and think, so that when applying the measure, it is truly effective," he concluded.

    The phase of community transmission decreed in the country, has as a decisive stage precisely the Cuban communities. Efforts must be concentrated there, to stop the high degree of spread of the epidemic. It depends on each and every one.