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    Active participation of professionals and students in health intervention with Abdala

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    Activa participación de profesionales y estudiantes en intervención sanitaria con Abdala

    More than 470 health professionals and medical science students actively participate in the health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala in the municipality of Morón, Dr. Belkys Rafaela Chávez Fernández, director of Public Health in that territory, said.

    Some 60 doctors, 75 nurses, 50 stemmatologists  and 289 students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM) of Morón, distributed in 62 vaccination centers, assume the process of inoculating the immunogen in around 50,000 patients, in order to help reverse the current epidemiological situation.

    Previously linked to the health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala in the Public Health personnel, the students of the FCM of Morón constitute the majority among the forces that intervene in the task and perform dissimilar functions.

    Yohant Pazos Montes, president of the aforementioned teaching center, explained that fourth and fifth year students provide services in post vaccination rooms, where they observe patients, anticipating possible reactions or adverse effects; meanwhile, second year students participate in filling out the documentation and give educational talks in the waiting rooms.

    He added that around 20 intern students, who have already passed their state exam, are part of the work teams that assume the vaccination of bedridden patients or with chronic conditions, unable to attend the vaccinations, who will receive care at home.

    To date, more than 24 thousand people have received the immunogen, an objective that is achieved through the multiplication of the efforts of health professionals and students, the cooperation of political and governmental authorities, companies, mass organizations and the people in general. , who face the task with enthusiasm and responsibility, Chávez Fernández afirmed.