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    Restrictive measures to face the pandemic are intensified in Ciego de Ávila

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    Intensifican en Ciego de Ávila medidas restrictivas para enfrentar la pandemia

    This Thursday, April 8, Ciego de Ávila`s government will intensify the restrictive measures for the confrontation and control of the new coronavirus in order to reduce citizen mobility to the minimum.

    Ania Rosa Francisco Malde, Vice Governor of People's Power reported this, and at the same time, she stressed that the new measures respond to the indications suggested by the National Working Group at the country level.

    The distribution of products and the provision of basic services will be brought closer to the community through the Defense Zones, so that queues and crowds are avoided.

    The sales of the Caribe and Cimex chains will be decentralized in both national and freely convertible currency, including offers from the Ministry of Internal Commerce in order to accomplish that goal.

    The adjustments to the provincial work plan for the limited autochthonous transmission stage in Ciego de Ávila take into account the decrease in citizen mobility, and include new personal and vehicular traffic permits.

    The promotion of electronic trade, virtual sales and home deliveries are prioritized in the commerce network both in national currency and freely convertible, while the number of messengers from the warehouses and markets will be increased.

    Yadiel Pérez Téllez, Coordinator of Distribution Programs and Objectives of the Government of the People's Power, specified that such actions weigh a better equity in the supply to the population, at the same time that they will minimize citizen mobility.

    Decentralizing the sales of household electrical equipment and basic necessities and products will bring communities closer to home, including isolated families and neighborhoods.

    The increase of courier services in markets, warehouses and in the family care system was also announced. They are among the main measures implemented in this municipality to contain the pandemic.

    That issue transpired in the meeting of the Temporary Work Group chaired by Ramón Borges González, President of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power in Ciego de Ávila.

    The regulated sale of milk and yogurt will be extended to three hours to avoid crowds, and where it is possible; messengers will be established for delivery to the place of residence.

    The Ciego de Ávila`s municipality has more than 22,800 consumers over the age of 60, a vulnerable group to Covid-19, as well as single mothers with children and families in isolation.

    For each of these cases, messengers will be guaranteed, a service that will be assumed by uninterrupted workers, as well as relocated personnel from the Trade and Gastronomy sector itself.