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    Our dignity as a flag

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    Por una respuesta digna

    Mermaid songs have always had double intentions.  Those who are now being listened to are no different.  They originate in the den of the main adversary of the Cuban Revolution.

    They are not issued to save Cubans from the consequences of the genocide that, with the euphemism of the hypocrites, they call an embargo due to from the beginning, they intend to cut all lines of collaboration with Cuba by means of this economic, financial and commercial blockade.

    They are not assumed to prevent the growing spread of COVID in Cuba, or to promote the well-being of a nation that assumes sovereignty from a model thought from the Marti and Fidel perspective: "with everyone and for the good of all", and far away from the idea of ​​privileging a few at the cost of suffering for the majority.

    However, it is also true that mermaid songs are usually interpreted with greater force when the situation of the attacked people is complicated, in this case, by the conjunction of an international health crisis and the resurgence of the imperial blockade.

    The pandemic has emerged as a novelty last year, but Uncle Sam's policy of divide and rule is as old as the foundations of savage capitalism.

    They take advantage of every loophole: the shortcomings of a country whose normal development is increasingly limited by spurious laws, conceived in Washington, but with illegitimate extraterritorial implementation; the scourges of a pandemic that affects almost the entire planet and the internal errors that Cuba recognizes and assumes.

    As it has always happened, in the tortuous and sacrificial path of the nation of Varela, Martí, Mella, and Fidel, the aggressors and their acolytes, supporters of annexation, gain followers among the confused ones, but they will not be able to overcome the strength of a people with enough political culture to know where the lineage comes from and the horizon that marks the route to a prosperous and sustainable homeland.

    If the immediate future of the socialist work supported by the majority of Cubans is decided on the streets, in those of Ciego de Ávila the adversaries will also find a dignified answer.