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    At the call of the Nation

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    Se suman médicos Pastor 1

    They have just arrived from other nations, where they have been exercising the noble mission of saving lives.  They are Health professionals, who, ignoring the exhaustion and accumulated hours of non-sleep, did not hesitate to raise their hands, as an expression of their willingness to go to provinces such as Ciego de Ávila and Matanzas, to join the confrontation with the Covid- 19.

    In addition, the hundred doctors are already in Ciego de Ávila`s land, who were received by the highest political, governmental and health authorities of Ciego de Ávila this Tuesday.  Immediately join the Roberto Rodríguez Hospital in Morón (25 intensivist doctors), 15 more doctors to the aforementioned health areas in the provincial capital and the rest to other facilities and institutions in the sector, including isolation centers.

    Dr. Regla Ángulo, deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Health, who currently works as part of the national team that also supports the province in conducting this battle against the pandemic, commented on the perspective of also incorporating nursing personnel with proven experience.

    In the same way, and it is worth noting, it meant the insertion of some 200 doctors recently trained by the university that Ciego de Ávila has, determined to assume functions in clinics or wherever necessary in the midst of the current epidemiological situation.

    When talking with the advanced professionals who arrived to the province, Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, Deputy Prime Minister, transparently referred to the panorama, with high spread of the virus, the substantial limitation of capacities for entry, the need for greater agility in the consultations, in other links of the preventive chain and expressed the favorable impact that the arrival of this medical and human reinforcement will have on the population.

    The Health professionals who have just arrived to the land of the Gómez Cardoso Brothers, with spirit and disposition, state that they will stay as long as necessary.  They count on the understanding and support of their family for this.  The words of Glenda Serra Izquierdo, a doctor from Santiago, an intensivist from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela prove this: “it is impossible that, with the solidarity and brotherhood that distinguishes us as Cubans, we would not immediately respond to this call of our President, our Minister and our people”.

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