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    The Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant has been synchronized with the National Electric System

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    Sincronizada la termoeléctrica Antonio Guiteras al Sistema Eléctrico Nacional

    The Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant, in Matanzas, the largest and most efficient unit block among its analogues in Cuba, successfully synchronized with the National Electric System during the afternoon of this Tuesday.

    Misdel Palmero Aguilar, general director of the plant, explained that, after 17 days of uninterrupted work, to which specialized forces from Havana, Mayabeque and Matanzas contributed, complex actions were carried out –with certified quality– that usually last no less of one month.

    Along with the reestablishment of the main beam that supports the boiler, and the casting of refractory material in the furnace floor of the same, in order to correct the fault that caused the shutdown, complementary maintenance was carried out on valves, motors and others areas, he confirmed.

    Palmero Aguilar highlighted the sense of belonging of the workers, many of whom, he assured, spent several days at the thermoelectric plant without returning to their homes, with the commitment to solve problems related to their areas of responsibility.

    He also commented that since 2013, they have been unable to perform capital maintenance in the yumurina plant, postponed due to the lack of spare parts that have not been able to be acquired due to the restrictions imposed by the United States Government's blockade against Cuba, and due to situations related to the national energy balance, which do not allow Antonio Guiteras to be out of the generation line for so long.

    With a capacity to pay about 300 megawatts to the National Electric System, the synchronization of the plant will reduce the effects on the electricity supply.