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    Young creators of Ciego de Ávila support actions against the pandemic

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    Apoyan acciones contra la pandemia jóvenes creadores de Ciego de Ávila

    In order to culturally support the health intervention process with Abdala, the young creators of Ciego de Ávila founded the Thirty-Five Anniversary Artistic Brigade of the Hermanos Saiz Association.

    This movement is a continuation of the emblematic cultural crusades of the Trocha de Júcaro a Morón, during which the members of the youth organization gave away their art every year to the inhabitants of rural areas, included in the route of said Spanish military fortification.

    The new troop of young creators is recontextualized in times of pandemic to offer their art in the vaccination centers of Morón and Ciego de Ávila, and includes poets, storytellers, troubadours, performing artists and representatives of the plastic arts.

    The Thirty-Five Anniversary Artistic Brigade of the Hermanos Saiz Association in Ciego de Ávila intensifies its cultural initiatives for the effective confrontation of Covid-19 from the concept of the “Youth for Life” movement.

    In addition, young improvizers from Ciego de Ávila offer their art in the vaccinations where the health intervention with Abdala is carried out.

    Rainer Nodal, recognized for his virtuosity, is one of the many members of the Hermanos Saíz Association in Ciego de Ávila to step forward.

    "The ingenuity of the Cuban and his spirit of solidarity are also strengths of young creators at the service of the spirituality of the people," said the young poet.

    Rainer Nodal, won last year the popularity award of the cybercontroversies contest, organized by Oralitura Habana, the Hermanos Saíz Association and the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television through the program Al Mediodia.