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    Washington exports its miseries

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    Washington exporta sus miserias

    It does not matter that, outside, the sky is cloudy.  The moment is of clarity, inside: in the brain of each person, in the country.

    It has been demonstrated once again, (with concrete examples and arguments) what was known since the first action, on Sunday: the presence of the hairy imperial hand putting a lot, a lot of money, in countless submissive hands in order to - with them, with the language and above all with the thousand and more ways of lying - continue to do all the damage possible against Cuba and overthrow the government. Does anyone ignore for what purpose?

    Foreign analysts have denounced it. Governments, organizations, personalities and movements in various parts of the world are condemning it.  Moreover, we, who live in this archipelago, know it perfectly.  Even so, there are those who do not give the dependent desire to see it or to recognize it.

    The "outrages" that a few hours ago "were committed by the Cuban police against protesters"; the victims whom the Internet bathed in blood or put in coffins, when my city was sweating total tranquility from north to south and from east to west, they are still the dirty way on which the empire and the extreme anti-Cuban extreme right continues to mount mercenaries and traitors, other social scourges and, unfortunately, citizens, mostly young people, who never listen to or see a serious press news and all the time give credit, by the telephone or other ways, to what is "press" against Cuba from outside.

    The moment, I insist, is not one of darkness, of doubt, of uncertainty.  The reality is so clear ... They want to destroy us.  Voices totally orphaned of dignity (which to avoid nausea I will avoid mentioning) do not show the slightest scruples to ask for a humanitarian military intervention in Cuba by the United States (what a paradigm!), NATO, the OAS ...

    Are we aware of what those vultures are asking for?  Do we know what that would mean?  By the way: if they go for it - and the best thing even for themselves is not even thinking about it - we would be waiting for them with "the honors" that aggressors, mercenaries, traitors, countrymen deserve ... as Girón actions.

    But you have to be clear.  Even with those visible clouds, there are people with the switch off inside and outside the house.  I think not only of those who spend the blessed day as robotized (clipped) people to the cell phone to the package and other suitcases made in the USA, but also of those who, without a cell phone or anything similar, change the channel at the time of the stellar newscast, they believe the subject more who stands in the corner warehouse to speak about how to disagree or they go to parents and grandparents who do not even know what a link is to, with a twitter of the tongue, open their eyes and leave them in total darkness , at the mercy of the storm.

    It is unavoidable that the imperial eagle, vultures from that nation and parrots from here, try to crush us, displace us, after so much real, beautiful and enviable accumulated history;  with so much work in more than 60 years, with so much truth in our hands, with so much sacrifice on those of us who have had to “work” very hard at school, in military service, in industry, in sports , in science, in culture (like you, millions more and me), guarding, cutting cane, putting within our children the best values, teachings and convictions for life.

    The dunghill of history reserves prioritized space within for the infamous, sold out and fainthearted people.  My country reserves, even in the most tense moments, enough space for dignity, decorum, and even for human improvement among those who have consciously or unconsciously collided with the rocks of the same evil.  Examples are millions.

    To unite, even more, it is time.  Of clarity every minute.  Watch out!  The enemy does not want this to be the case and will continue to use its entire arsenal of poison, hatred and death to prevent it.