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    Boys and girls in Cuba: the greatest treasure

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    Niños y niñas en Cuba: el tesoro más grande

    That is how it is. With the forgiveness of bankers, economists, archaeologists, researchers, millionaires, oligarchs, companies, consortia ... THERE IS NO GREATER TREASURE IN THE WORLD THAN CHILDREN. It is a pity that so many governments forget that great truth or that, at least, they do not act in accordance with the internationally approved rights for children. Today, like every Sunday 3rd in July, my Cuba celebrates Children's Day.

    Niños y niñas en Cuba: el tesoro más grande

    We will not overlook this day. I am sure that in every home mom and dad, older brother or grandfather will surprise those little princes and princesses who deserve all the health and all the love in the Universe.

    (Taken from Pastor Batista's CubanitoSoy blog)