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    As fast as a weapon against COVID-19

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    Rapidez como arma contra COVID-19

    The scientific and statistical models, the experts in health and related sciences, the critics of the affected population affirm it and they all agree on the fact that the speed of each action, accompanied by professionalism and the desire to defeat COVID- 19 are factors that must gain more space in the province of Ciego de Ávila.

    Recent statistics regarding the number of sick people, and the possibilities that the figures continue to rise are not encouraging, hence the Temporary Working Group that leads the confrontation with the pandemic in Ciego de Ávila, lines up its demands against crime appreciated in several actions, tending to worsen the bad moment that we live.

    This Wednesday, analyzes focused on the production of alternative medicines, taking into account the needs demanded by the population, with an emphasis on the production of syrups.

    • Invasor discussed the production of alternative medicines, which is on the rise, despite difficulties that continue to affect.

    Referring to this matter, Félix Duarte Ortega, member of the Party Committee Secretariat, was interested in the level of response in the Public Health network, since the figures are not enough and there are many needy patients in their homes.

    Given the priority that these productions require, Carlos Luis Garrido Pérez, first secretary of the Party in the province, pointed out that greater demand is needed from the supplier entities, with emphasis on Agriculture, in charge of the supply of raw materials based on medicinal plants.

    In Ciego de Ávila`s Doctor Antonio Luaces Iraola hospital, it was announced that the recent stops in its elevators have been solved in two of those teams, whose computerized means have required reprogramming.  At the same time, they were alerted to the need to report interruptions quickly so that solutions do not delay.

    Another topic that continues with irregularities is primary health care, with deficiencies detected in numerous areas, including the Belkis Sotomayor polyclinic, of the Vista Alegre district. Moreover, the lack of personnel for more agile services to patients from Jicotea, Vicente and the North Polyclinic of the main municipality is another of the deficiencies that generate irritability in the population and that tend to worsen the epidemiological panorama.

    "We must break the slow pace in the negotiations, we live moments of being active, with love for the task, a sense of responsibility, that is, doing things well," Duarte Ortega warned, and insisted that organizational problems continue to affect and they require a brake in the shortest possible time.

    In the Temporary Working Group, a detailed explanation was offered, based on mathematical models, which indicate unfavorable prognoses for the coming days, hence the application of some variants that must come into force for the benefit of patients.

    The Transport Working Group is responsible for organizing a system that allows the transfer of patients who require it at night to the health areas, while Duarte Ortega emphasized the tasks in the health areas, responsible for checking the home admissions and treatment with nasalferon, a drug that is available, however, there are complaints about deficiencies in its distribution.