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    Ciego de Ávila is a strategic province in the production of agricultural food

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    Ciego de Ávila es una provincia estratégica en la producción de alimentos agropecuarios

    Due to its geographical location, the existence of a groundwater table with sufficient water reserves, the commitment to other provinces and the experience of workers in the agricultural sector, Ciego de Ávila is a decisive factor in production to supply itself with food and helps to others territories of the country.

    Salvador Valdés Mesa, vice president of the Republic of Cuba, stated it in exchange with producers and representatives of the sector. Also, members of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party Félix Duarte Ortega and José Ramón Monteagudo Ruiz; Idael Pérez Brito, Minister of Agriculture, Carlos Garrido Pérez, first secretary of the party in the province, and Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, governor of Ciego de Ávila, participated.

    When evaluating the implementation in the territory of the 63 measures approved to boost the agricultural sector, he pointed out that the province is a good example in the operation of mini-industries, with excellent socialist state-owned companies such as Agropecuaria La Cuba, Isla de Turiguanó and the agro industrial Ceballos. "However, it needs to achieve greater diversification of productions and an extra for the fulfillment of the spring plan," he commented in a frank dialogue with those attending the meeting.

    The member of the Political Bureau struck the feelings of several producers and business representatives. Jaime de León López, from the Credits y Services company (CCS) El Vaquerito, in the municipality of Venezuela, was categorical in his speech: “We, peasants, have to produce more food. I have just over 67 hectares of land, without a single marabou bush and all of them are planted with bananas. When I finish with this, I will plant sweet potato and tomato, "he commented.

    In addition, the result of increasing production is closely related to the fulfillment of all the plans, which has allowed it to honor the commitments with Acopio, medical diets, as well as systematic donations to isolation centers.

    Others members such as Martín Alonso Gómez, from the CCS Reinaldo Maning, from Majagua, Rolando Macías Cárdenas, from the CCS José Antonio Echeverría and Carlos Blanco Sánchez, director of Agropecuaria La Cuba, also ratified the commitment to increase food production and articulate coherent and rational production processes, with the use of science and technology, for a more efficient use of existing potentialities.

    The representative of Agriculture pointed out the need to streamline the processes for the rapid implementation of the 63 measures recently approved by the Cuban Government in favor of the sector, which, among other purposes, seek to increase motivation and the sense of belonging to breed, produce more and increase the food supply.

    Monteagudo Ruiz, who stressed out that each producer`s concern must be taken into ccount in a timely manner, made a call to fight a battle against empty lands, "that do not give anything", to promote productive poles, to comply with plans and to diversify crops.