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    Ciego de Ávila`s people reaffirms the patriotic legacy of Moncada

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    Reafirma pueblo avileño legado patrio de la gesta del Moncada

    This Monday, Ciego de Ávila`s people ratified in the José Martí park their unrestricted attachment to the patriotic legacy of the Moncada achievement as an authentic expression of the historical continuity with the humanist principles of Marti's ideology.

    Not even in the worst contingencies such as the current pandemic, the Revolution has turned its back on public policies that ensure the well-being and health of the majority of Cubans, especially the most vulnerable.

    Julio Humberto Gómez Casanova, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the main municipality, argued how this principle has governed the political will of the Cuban government and state.

    During the event of revolutionary reaffirmation, the main municipality was recognized for its achievements and resilient attitude to face Covid-19, produce food and guarantee equity and social justice, despite the intensification of the criminal blockade.

    This July 26, the weekly Invasor celebrates its forty-second anniversary, which is why its group deserved special recognition for the timely and accurate information on the economic and social development of the province, its challenges and achievements.