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    Hope in her hands

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    En sus manos la esperanza

    With great skills, she punctures the bulb, extracts the liquid, inserts the needle into the arm and injects the immunogenic medication accumulated in the syringe.  The process goes very fast.

    "The protocol says that it must be done in less than seven seconds," nurse Ileana Núñez Frankis explains when the press team asks her to do it more slowly to capture, in photos, the details of the moment.

    With 39 years at the service of Cuban Public Health and the experience of some of the most important vaccination campaigns developed in the country, she is included among the 75 nurses who participate in the health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala, in the municipality of Morón.

    Linked to the confrontation with the pandemic since its inception, Ileana works in the No. 23 Family Medical Clinic (CMF by its Spanish initials), of the Carlos Lenz neighborhood, a town threatened by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and declared in quarantine due to epidemiological complexity, with 60 positive cases.

    The routines of the CMF and the control actions for patients and travelers from abroad, have saturated Núñez Frankis`s work schedule, who assures that she arrives very early and does not have a fixed time to return to her home.

    "Being at home, I have received many emergency calls and I have had to return to work as soon as possible, because I give my life for the patients."  The direct contact with the sick people to guarantee their care and the two times that she has remained in isolation for being a Covid-19 suspected patient, confirm the value of this woman, whose family and neighbors support by allowing her to develop a profession that loves so much.

    During the month of July and, in the midst of a complex epidemiological situation, her hands have brought hope to hundreds of patients who receive the vaccine candidate Abdala to strengthen their immunity, another gesture that the community thanks to the funny and smiling nurse. Moreover, she appears excited about the questions from the press and does not recognize any merit in her work to deserve an interview, not because she lacks them, they are only the impulse of simplicity and modesty.

    With the enthusiasm that characterizes her, she managed to motivate, mobilize and integrate the workers of the UEB Rensol, a Solar Heater Factory, in order to establish a vaccination center there.  They set up together one of the best places where the immunogenic medication is inoculated to Morón`s citizens.

    "The health intervention proceeds satisfactorily, from the early hours of the morning, we have people waiting, we organize the flows so that there are no concentrations in the premises and, the greatest success has been the effectiveness in the response of the patients after applying the vaccine”, she expressed with pride.