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    COVID-19: After the vaccine, you have to continue taking care of yourself

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    COVID-19: después de la vacuna hay que seguir cuidándose

    During the day, there are 166 under 18 years-old children among those infected people (including three newborns), an indicator of all we do not do well from the point of view of prevention. I speak about it because in the face of the pandemic, all the experts and health authorities in the world agree that it is the first and decisive aspect. There will be those who criticize me for continuing to insist on self-care, when the transmission of the virus in the province leaves traces.

    Just a few hours ago, the Center for Disease Control of the United States (CDC for its acronym in English) published a report in which it warns about the ability of vaccinated people, not only to get sick from more contagious variants such as delta, but transmitting the virus. The investigation served as the basis for the federal agency to advise vaccinated Americans to resume the use of masks in public and indoor areas, especially in communities where the virus is circulating.

    According to a report in The New York Times, “CDC believes that vaccines are still very effective in preventing severity or death. Nevertheless, a series of new findings were discovered this week about the Delta variant, which have altered scientists' understanding of the coronavirus."

    US scientists’ revelations could also explain what is happening in the Cuban capital, where about 75 percent of the positive cases are people with the full vaccination scheme. The data emerged at the meeting of the Temporary Group in Havana, which was attended by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz and Minister of Health José Ángel Portal Miranda.

    This picture does not mean that Cuban vaccines are ineffective, but that virus mutations complicate the immunization scenario. According to the newspaper Tribuna de La Habana, Portal Miranda explained that the effectiveness of the vaccine is today palpable in the fatality rate of the virus: Havana, with 75.9 percent of its older than 19 years-old population already vaccinated, places this indicator at 0.59 (below the national one, which is 0.74).

    This is a hopeful figure for Ciego de Ávila, with a fatality rate of 1.4 percent and 209 deaths in the last 15 days, which is progressing in mass vaccination with Abdala; but at the same time, it forces prevention to intensify, because it will not guarantee a sudden stop to contagion. It is also a scientific explanation to advance immunization.