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    Coronavirus: Tighten the nut in Ciego de Ávila

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    Coronavirus: Apretar la tuerca en Ciego de Ávila

    This Sunday, the Temporary Working Group`s indications have as particular aspect to go directly to the point and leave no room for "the after" with the goal of putting an end to a group of inadequacies to make the confrontation with the pandemic faster and more effective in Ciego de Ávila.

    With the participation of Félix Duarte Ortega, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, vice prime minister, and three heads of important ministries (Health, Transportation and Tourism), the analyzes revealed cracks in the base, that were previously verified. Poor performance to continue reducing the levels of mobility, slowness in the collection of patients, insufficient use of capacities that are temporarily vacated in hospital facilities and centers for the care of positive patients are some of them. Also, the delay in the transfer of patients who have already been discharged, is a phenomenon that occurs more for organizational or coordination reasons than for transport availability.

    This Saturday night, these and other difficulties have led to a reordering of the work system to better organize actions based on the main indicators.

    In fact, Jorge Luis Tapia indicated that the daily assessment of the situation moves towards the end of the afternoon, so that the cadres directly involved in the fight against COVID-19, at all levels, wake up on the ground, check the problems on site and apply solutions without wasting time from the early hours of the morning.

    The treatment of complaints or concerns of the population, a process that is still marked by slowness in the territory, received remarkable value.

    In this sense, the orientation is to reactivate mechanisms, so that the organization responsible for solving the problem responds to each specific case, directly at home, within 24 hours.

    It was also clear that “no one can offer information that has not been verified or corroborated, as there have been inconsistencies between what was reported and the opinion of the people.

    Regarding the efforts to expand capacities in the cemetery of the capital city, visitors and hosts have confirmed that it is possible and urgent to speed up the pace of execution. In the same way that it was directed to carry out an offensive "to leave completely clean" the provincial capital and Morón; in addition to summon the citizens so that each one also does it in the front, garden and patio of their home.

    Among other issues, the next few hours should also allow knowing how many companies or productive entities are closed, since when and why, in order to put into activity all those that are possible or convenient, due to the need to continue producing so that life flows unstoppable.

    Referring to the priority that the country keeps offering to the province, Dr. José Ángel Portal Miranda, Minister of Health, explained that the territory has just received nearly twenty lines of much-needed drugs and equipment such as oxygen concentrators ( 80 in total), which are already being distributed and make it possible to install 160 positions.

    Nine high-performance pulmonary ventilators also entered Ciego de Ávila, which are very useful for the quality of patient care.

    Likewise, it has been decided to allocate a center for differentiated care for patients convalescing from the disease, in order to be able to make better use of the capacities in hospitals and to achieve greater control over existing medicines and resources.

    Executives and specialists place their hopes, at the same time, in the differentiated and multidisciplinary care that, from the medical and epidemiological point of view, it is suggested to offer to the Health personnel, whose vitality is decisive in the current circumstances.

    When meditating on the subject, Portal Miranda praised the consecrated work that, together with professionals from other provinces, Ciego de Ávila`s medical personnel continue to carry out, in the midst of a real combat that knows no truce.

    Among other issues, the decision to send a team to take experience in Matanzas about the coordinating work transcended, with the aim of streamlining information and service in general, without intermediaries, for which it was indicated that ETECSA sets the corresponding hotlines .

    All this will be checked closely. It is the only way not to go from one day to the next with the indicators and the situation in general anchored at the same point ... or worse.