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    The good vibes of a talisman

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    La buena vibra de un talismán

    As a true Ciego de Ávila`s citizen and lover of his land, even in the distance, he could not be shy about reaching out to the people who saw him born, so he joined the actions to support the people of his land, in the midst of a complex situation epidemiological. Moreover, he did it without ceasing to imprint his personal stamp on the initiative.

    A Talisman for Ciego de Ávila, the donation organized by the famous singer and composer Arnaldo Rodríguez Romero, his team of producers and Yoanka Rodríguez Núñez, another Ciego de Ávila`s citizen resident in the Cuban capital; is representative. "We do not turn our backs on our people in such difficult times and, although it cannot reach everyone, it carries an implicit message of love, solidarity and unity, and it will contribute to shovel the situation", the director of the musical group El Talismán, said in statements for the Ciego de Ávila`s Citizen Portal.

    The request for the donation, launched on July 27 last on the artist's personal profile on the social network Facebook, has sparked numerous calls, messages and emails from everywhere, even from other nations. “It was one of the first things that impressed me. The first to communicate to contribute were Ciego de Ávila’s people living in Havana, among them some who played an important role in that territory, friends and people I do not know. Everyone, eager to cooperate and "move forward" with this humanitarian gesture."

    He confesses that he has been surprised at the reception of calls and messages from people from other provinces, willing to contribute. Likewise, he has been shocked by the communications with friends from Europe and Canada, Cubans living in the United States, all interested in finding a way to get help, “people with an altruistic spirit, solidarity and with love for our land without double standards. ”, he highlighted.

    Voluntary deliveries are made in central areas of the Cuban capital, including points located in La Casa de la Amistad, in Vedado, and in Center Habana, where they have received, mainly, medicines, toiletries and means of protection against COVID-19. "Many people have stripped themselves of their goods to deliver them, this is what we have perceived during the reception and daily pick-ups in the minibus of our Mambo Artistic Productions Unit," the Cuban singer-songwriter acknowledged.

    Arnaldo plans to move to Ciego de Ávila, “taking all the measures, to materialize the delivery and give a symbolic greeting to the people, tell them like in that song that served as their hymn‛ Here we are fighting for a dream / Here we are, standing Ciego de Ávila`s citizens', and, on this occasion, I would add that we are fighting to reverse the current epidemiological situation, this pandemic that is shaking Cuba and the world”.

    Once in this province, the donation, modestly described by him as a grain of sand, will be distributed through the work team that receives aid from other places. "If it were possible, we would carry out a small act of surrender," he said.

    Although he resides in the capital, where he has developed his artistic career, this passionate singer does not lose contact with his people, “friends from the press and social networks, or my own family, but there is not a moment when he stops being connected to my land, less in such complex circumstances in which I have added to the anguish due to the increase in infections and the pain due to the loss of numerous lives, some known people to me; others not, but still regrets.

    “But we must bring out that light and that strength that we always keep for difficult moments, because we must continue to confront and protect our population. In these conditions, unity, understanding, support and discipline are required, despite the difficulties and shortcomings, because this situation has exceeded the limits of our public health system, however, with the effort made in the province and the support to the work of medical personnel and national and local authorities, we will be able to move forward”.

    He will arrive very soon in his native land to give his people a talisman that symbolizes love, brotherhood, solidarity and hope. He will arrive as confirmation that Ciego de Ávila is not alone and, at this moment, does not lack the support of one of its most beloved children, who evokes his land in his compositions and raises crowds with a song that seems made for these times, because it invites to fight for dreams and stand up.