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    Ciego de Ávila will get ahead

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    Ciego de Ávila saldrá adelante

    A tweet from the President conjuring solidarity from Cuban to Cuban;  a government team leading the response from the roots;  doctors and nurses arriving from all over the country and overseas against fear or fatigue;  political and administrative authorities aware that you have to give the extra;  wonderful people with facemasks and love sharing what they have.  That's Ciego de Ávila right now.

    It has to be like that, because COVID-19 has caused pain in the province, squeezing the chest of the Ciego de Ávila`s family and cutting off our breath.  It has cost us lives and uncertainties that are, perhaps, the highest price to pay.  It is an unprecedented challenge and, it has been proven, requires a different approach and action immediately, without waiting for command voices, without the right to make mistakes.

    On the feeling of loss and the emergency, you have to get up at any cost, because the commitment to life is more than a tweet or a task.  The obligation to contain the devastating passage of the virus here, even bleeding from the wounds, has to be the motto with which we all face our day to day.  When are we going to leave it?  Whom will we entrust it?

    It will be little by little, but without pauses, that we bend that curve of infections and deaths that has earned us severe criticism and a shared, disheartening regret.  But, where some prefer to exacerbate resentment, this country and solidarity that, like karma, returns what has been offered, is giving birth to hearts and making them beat where they are needed;  and oxygenators and ambulances and lung ventilators.

    To this colossal effort to multiply the little and always respond, it must be propped up, reinforced, shielded with individual and collective conscience, in order to give what each moment demands at every instant.  No disease is the responsibility only of those who have learned to heal.  Your oaths are not enough; the first commitment has to come from within.  The first thing is not to get sick, to take care even of our shadow, to give the health system time to react.  It is necessary to be meticulous, overprotective, and obsessive at home, at work, in line, at the health center.  It touches to honor promises, codes of ethics, norms, laws; it is time to honor the dignity of this country and its people.

    Ciego de Ávila`s fight against COVID-19 is won by working more, functioning better, complying with what is indicated and monitoring the vital signs of the people every hour.  In this minute, it is necessary to give, always give: answers, words of encouragement, certainties ... life.

    There is no doubt that Ciego de Ávila will succeed. It will depend on us winning personal and collective battles against fatigue, indolence and the real obstacles of an economy subjected to the cruelest sieges.  We repeat, Ciego de Ávila will win.