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    EnZona: more stores from the comfort of home

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    Comercio Electrónico a través de tiendas virtuales en Ciego de Ávila

    EnZona, the digital platform monitored in the province by the Territorial Division of the Defense Information Technology Company (XETID by its Spanish initials), continues with the deployment of its network of virtual stores throughout Ciego de Ávila.

    So far, there are 16 stores enabled on the boulevard of the application or through access from its url in any web browser, either on the mobile device or desktop computer.  Of the total, half of them are in constant operation and the rest varies in service.

    According to Haideé Tamayo Ramos, e-commerce specialist at XETID's headquarters, the Aqueduct and Sewerage stores, La Malanga market, the Bazar París, La Revoltosa and La Americana industrial stores are now permanently available;  as well as the one-store, the restaurant La Cueva and Bambú Fénix, the latter the most recently incorporated.

    In these cases, the customer must go to their location to collect the products the day after the purchase, with the exception of La Cueva restaurant, which has a home delivery service.

    Work is being done on the building materials store, La Elegante and Tu Agro markets (the latter will cover several municipalities) and the rent units that will allow online reservations when the health situation in the province improves.

    Tamayo Ramos stressed that she continues the deployment of the QR code for this payment method.  Gastronomy and commerce establishments “were joined by CUPET with the sale of liquefied gas cylinders, which has several advantages, including avoiding long lines and couriers are being given the option of paying up to four cylinders”.

    The impact of the EnZona payment method is noticeable in Ciego de Ávila and a specific example is Bazar París, an establishment that has already sold more than 200,000.00 CUP in this way.

    On the other hand, the money collection of La Revoltosa rose to 24,629.00 CUP and up to 11,257.00 CUP in La Americana, both only on their first day in this digital modality, according to the Telegram channel of EnZona Ciego de Ávila.

    This August, the offer of the 5.0 percent discount for the payment of electricity through the platform returned, an opportunity to carry out this management from the comfort of home.

    Access some virtual stores of EnZona:

    Bazaar Paris

    La Americana

    La Revoltosa


    Aqueduct and Sewerage Company


    Bamboo Phoenix