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    The "cat" already has a bell

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     El “gato” ya tiene cascabel

    In recent months, the visits to the Morón`s hospital have decreased, it is a reality, but the ingrained custom of attending without justified reasons, has not yet experienced the desired and necessary change to which our Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) aspires, in the midst of a health crisis, to contain the transmission of COVID-19.

     In this context, the call of the Deputy Prime Minister, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, to avoid unnecessary presence in the interior and the vicinity of hospitals, considering the danger it represents for health and the complexities in the epidemiological situation of the province, where the solution also depends on the discipline and responsible actions of the people.

    It is fair to recognize that, in recent months, the branch of the Security and Protection Agency (SEPROC) in Morón, without neglecting the other economic and social objectives, and taking into account the decisions of the Defense Council, has reinforced the protection of the hospital institution and isolation centers.

    In a recent interview for the Ciego de Ávila`s Citizen Portal, Justo Basanta Hernández, deputy director of that entity, alluded to the deployment of more than a hundred agents in the different areas of the hospital and expressed the commitment to continue improving the control actions to enforce the biosafety measures, however, the efforts are far from the expected results.

     El “gato” ya tiene cascabel

    In order to favor the unnecessary stay of relatives inside and near the hospital, the senior leader considered adequate information to the patients' relatives as essential. Likewise, he clarified that "the possibility of delivering food to those admitted is maintained, only that it must be done through the messengers authorized by the health institution."

    Decisions aimed at increasing the work of SEPROC and the reestablishment of the Folder of the National Revolutionary Police, should favor greater control, aimed not only at restricting entry, but also at confronting indiscipline and criminal acts such as illegal drug theft."

    Faced with serious problems, major decisions are imposed to help solve them," the Deputy Prime Minister, who announced that the Prosecutor's Office and the Comptroller's Office will be involved in matters related to drug control, emphasized. An indication that responds to the need to confront organizational problems, as well as the shamelessness and lack of sensitivity of individuals who seek to profit from the resources provided by the Cuban State to reverse the current epidemiological situation.

    In this way, the monitoring of the critical path of the problems identified in the Morón`s hospital continues, where the panorama shows a substantial change as a result of the reordering of the work processes, a reliable demonstration that the limited income capacities were not the only one nor the greatest of the existing problems in that institution.