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    The "harvest" inside Morón hospital

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    foto 1In the last two weeks, there were 13 occupations of goods, although they do not represent a significant figure, by refering to the effort to restore order at the Roberto Rodríguez General Teaching Hospital, in the municipality of Morón, where the COVID-19 pandemic reveals accumulated harms.

    The identification of facts associated with the embezzlement of syringes, gloves, dressings, swabs, medicines, products for cleaning and disinfection, food and means of protection, although they constitute a response and could trigger severe administrative and criminal sanctions, they do not represent a triumph, by considering the inability to foresee and act without the need for impulses, and insufficient attention to the call for order, discipline, demand and control.

    From its essence, those four words that also save, state how much was not do and the space given to impunity, the root of the evil that has assigned despicable qualifications to a hospital institution and caused economic and human damage that we may never be able to calculate, not even imagine.

    In the "harvest" of this "factory", which grinds all year round, 24 hours a day, inefficiency has an invaluable cost because it "processes" human beings who bet, together with their families, on the Cuban public health system, recognized on the Island and beyond the seas. Then, how can we judge those who put the lives of their peers and the reliability of a medical care center at risk? How can we qualify those who had an obligation to prevent and did not do so, giving space to the wrongdoers?

    foto 2There are many questions that arise in the face of these events, with certainty indicative of how much could have happened previously and - make no mistake - how much may be happening, despite the fact that the actions carried out by the control bodies and operational confrontation favor the containment of these events by identifying causes and conditions, and "removing the blindfold" from those who did not see, preferred not to see, or kept silent, another way of becoming complicit in such nonsense.

    The desired order, although still distant, regains its place in the Roberto Rodríguez Hospital, where Guillermo Alfaro Rodríguez, director of the Security and Protection Agency (SEPROC), established his office to check more closely, together with four brigade chiefs and the same number of officers on duty. Also, the work of the 101 agents, the latter number that made up for the existing deficit and allowed the reinforcement of six positions, including those with the greatest flow of personnel and vehicle entrances.

    By achieving the coverage of security and protection positions, it is also possible to reduce unnecessary access, which is favorable for the conservation and control of resources, and minimizes the risks of institutional transmission.

    Fewer people would be able to enter if the mechanisms for informing the families of patients waiting outside functioned properly and entry is limited to workers who do not currently provide services.

    The confrontational actions have also had an impact on the quality of food for patients and workers, by prohibiting the extraction of food and its waste. This is a measure that responds to the need of decreasing the epidemiological risk and reducing the possibilities of illegal theft of resources by means of the use of modes of operation such as the introduction in vessels with food rests.However, in the exits, the work of the security and protection agents continues to be difficult because, in the absence of control and demand, mainly in the food processing areas, the workers persist in taking products.

    Yipsi Davis Toledo, head of Area No. 3, where the hospital is located (according to the SEPROC distribution), is committed to greater involvement of the center's managers in these matters. The responsibilities that assist them under the Law and the urgency of organizing the flow of workers in certain spaces is taken into account, so that the review of belongings is facilitated and security systems are not violated.

    Thirteen events, that are more or less serious, contained or not in complaints, but all with different readings about the reality of a hospital, indicate the beginning of the arduous task of restoring discipline and order, processes that do not occur spontaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the demand and control, responsibility of all the factors that interact in this area, who must understand the unit as an essential element to achieve efficiency in the "harvest" of the Morón hospital.

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