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    A song to wake up from lethargy (Part I) (+ Photos)

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    Recorrido de Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca por Morón 8"Morón`s Rooster has to sing again," Deputy Prime Minister, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, said in a call to rescue the identity symbol and the historical memory of Morón city, with the hope that the sound breaks into the tranquility of dawn and sunsets to free a people and their leaders from lethargy again. Nowadays, the municipality is mired in neglect, immobility, bungling, and the lack of a sense of belonging and commitment to the city that welcomes them and cries out for multiple transformations.

    I wish that the sculpture of Rita Longa recovers its song with the required immediacy and clears the slumber that prevents acting with dynamism and creativity to restore the brightness to the streets (perhaps it should say eliminating the dirt that distinguishes the city). In addition, it could find solutions that minimize the concentrations of people, and implement courier services for warehouses and pharmacies, without someone, arbitrarily and against popular decisions, hindering food and medicine to reach homes more safely.

    The cock-a-doodle-doo has ​​to wake up this town, which seems submerged, years ago, in an anguished dream, judging by the withered image of its arteries and its people, by the dangerous loss of communication between those who decide and those who execute. Lacks that, according to Tapia Fonseca, is resolved by “leaving behind the bureau, fewer meetings and more exchanges with the people; getting off from car to talk and learn about the concerns, with the aim of solving them”.

    The rooster has to sing again to wake up those responsible people for listening to the vox populi, controlling, checking, verifying and offering the citizens those explanations as simple, elementary and necessary as they are. Clarifications related to the poor quality of the soy yogurt and the Coopelia ice cream, whose productions have been affected by technological difficulties and the lack of raw materials. On the other hand, consumers are unaware of this and feel cheated with prices that "should decrease while that situation lasts," according to the first deputy minister in an unforeseen 10 minutes visit to the Dairy Mix Business Unit Company in Morón.

    It is urgent that the traditional song resounds in the city, with an energy capable of undoing obstacles, banishing bureaucracy, maintaining what has been achieved through sacrifice and stimulating understanding about the quality of services so that the people do not encounter problems while seeking satisfaction their needs.  The Rooster is not singing yet, but it wants to.

    Recorrido de Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca por Morón 3Some citizens have already felt the cock-a-doodle-doo that made them revive from the dream that compromised the health of the people, because of organizational problems, rather than resources, in a hospital institution that cares for suspected and confirmed patients with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Today, the panorama is different in the hospital and there is also a conscious talk about the recovery of clinical furniture, the existence of sufficient means of protection, the availability and quality of food for a better service to those admitted patients, and the progressive reestablishment of order in the broadest sense.

    Roberto Rodríguez Hospital`s workers feel more committed and the absence of the Head of the Department of Electro medicine in a meeting is plausible because “he took advantage of the calm due to the availability of oxygen to give a visit to the family, who has not been going to his house for days”, Doctor Niury Martín Pérez, deputy director of Medical Assistance, explained.

    The traditional song of the Rooster should stimulate awareness in the significant number of doctors and nurses without joining the confrontation with the pandemic, a situation that requires the permanence of Cuban medical brigades from various provinces and abroad. An act that constitutes a concern for Tapia Fonseca "because they are not going to stay forever, some have not even had vacations", a statement shared by Dr. Reinol García Moreira, head of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela and current coordinator of the actions of the Provincial Directorate of Health in Ciego de Ávila, by appointment of the Ministry of Public Health.

    Also, it is not possible to get rid of the uncertainty generated by the control of medicines given the problems detected by the recent control actions, for which "there are people who have to respond," Tapia Fonseca stressed in a call to sanction violations that tarnished the image of public health and it had an impact on the quality of services.

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