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    Weaknesses and strengths of a necessary closure are identified in Ciro Redondo

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    Identifican en Ciro Redondo debilidades y fortalezas de un cierre necesarioThis Wednesday, about 20 carters gave the disposition to support the transfer of food to the districts of Ciro Redondo, given the need to maintain citizen nutrition during the 15 days of total closure of the territory.

    The issue of messengers, one of the most worrying for the Municipal Defense Council, now has the will of these self-employed workers and only needs immediacy on the part of the Popular Councils in identifying those responsible for messaging, aware that the Isolation will only be successful if the basic needs of citizens are kept reaching homes.

    Despite the fact that in the meeting of the Temporary Working Group, held a few hours after giving the order to close, there were still loose links in the chain of responsibilities in some CDRs, a correct organization of the majority was evidenced, ready to meet at dawn this Thursday, in front of the main wineries of the territory.

    The municipal mayor, Yorkis Navarro, also evidenced the willingness of vendors of viands and light food to support in the neighborhoods, and they will be guided from the seat of the government with the aim of guaranteeing that they reach all families.

    On the other hand, the Storage Company puts at the service of its people, five means of transport, distributed one for each food market, to transport the fruits and vegetables that arrive from the field, as well as juices, flavors and other merchandise, produced by the factories and minindustries of the province.

    Commerce and gastronomy, for its part, has the support of mobile points to transfer food prepared at a reasonable price, produced in the Ranchón Caribe units (known as Los Ranchones), La Pista, and La Polonesa pizzeria.  The Oasis hotel and its various facilities will continue for the moment supporting the work of the 25 existing vaccination centers.

    It is necessary to point out that one of the main concerns of the people reflected in the statements of opinion is in the absence of a medical visit to the more than 153 coronavirus patients who have remained in their homes, a delicate matter that must be resolved with the support of the staff of the Family Clinics.

    In this sense, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the territory, Bárbara Guerra, showed her marked interest in increasing the number of admissions in municipal or provincial institutions, guaranteeing better care in them with the presence of specialists, and considered inadmissible that any patient remains without care or becomes more serious at home.

    Similarly, and with the presence of executives and members of the Ministry of the Interior, the meeting made clear the orientation of acting rigorously on the issue of vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and enforcing current sanctions that sentence fines for more than 2000 pesos to those who pass through the streets without permission.

    Exceptions will only be made with the peasants and indispensable personnel in the food production and economic development of the town, budgeted units and companies that have to deposit in bank branches the payment of ONAT, guardians, communal workers who guarantee cleanliness, and other essential services such as the hospital, pharmacy, office, etc.

    Lieutenant Colonel Yiosmani Alfaro Casola, head of the MININT of Ciro Redondo, informed this press that although a large part of his staff today is sick due to the COVID-19 disease, he guarantees strategies, with the support of the inspectors, to control each point of entry and exit from the territorial limits, the main streets and neighborhoods, and the most demanded places.