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    Ciego de Ávila vs. COVID-19: seesaw

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    Ciego de Ávila vs. COVID-19: cachumbambé

    I do not know if there are intelligent viruses (such as telephones, it seems that they are capable and not the manufacturers), however, I am certain that COVID-19 has sat at the other end of the seesaw and rises us and lowers us at will.  Maybe, we are the ones who do not put the necessary weight on our part.

    A review from Sunday 15 to Thursday 19 gives us the arguments.  In addition, I quote fragments of what was published on our website: “It is not a great setback, compared to the average figures of the province in recent times, however, it is notorious.  The authorities have stated this since the beginning of the pandemic: as long as there is a case, there are serious reasons for concern.  And the 992 positive cases at the close of yesterday — Sunday— (against the 606 on Saturday) tighten the rope”.

    Besides, it was similar on Sunday: “From the beginning of the pandemic, the territory of Ciego de Ávila has confirmed a total of 35,896 infected patients with SARS-CoV-2, since, so far this year, the death of 523 people, a figure that triggers alarms when compared with the 18 deaths in 2020.

    “Those same alarms, should 'go off' in self-care and rigorous compliance with sanitary measures, from the individual field;  and the observance of the level of satisfaction of the population, from the institutional field, in relation to compliance with the care protocols, depending on the risk categories: low, medium or high of the COVID-19 suspect or patient”.

    The next day, a breeze of optimism led us to breathe deeply and think that some light was turning on for the better: “When it comes to COVID-19, there are figures that encourage and others that take our breath away.  It is then that one finds a kind of comfort in facing the lurking monsters within.

    This is what happened in Ciego de Ávila when it was learned that the province, in yesterday's report, has in its statistics a total of 289 confirmed cases less than on Sunday (703 cases)”.  However, the report of another 10 deaths made us breathe again.


    “Also, although the number of 289 fewer cases could encourage us, we knew - and we know - that it is the perspective that we cannot lose (understand course and common sense), since other figures point to the need to reinforce intra-family measures. 111 patients of pediatric age were confirmed: 14 under one year; 23 between one and four years; and 71 with more than 4 years."

    Thus, seeking more air in our lungs, without underestimating the enemy, we woke up on a Tuesday that made us look up to a minimally hopeful horizon, but ultimately hopeful.  Moreover, we even believed that the territory was beginning to descend gradually, the rates of infestation by COVID-19, without wanting that moment to be the pride of a gelding horse, but an opportunity to adhere to the rigor that would lead us to better paths.

    “If the infected patients were 992 on Sunday and 703 on Monday, Tuesday's report led us to think: 617 confirmed cases (86 less), could be reason to begin to believe that we are achieving it, however, times— and the SarS-CoV-2— have shown that trust kills trust."

    According to the report of the Second Degree Specialist in Hygiene and Epidemiology and Teaching Methodologist of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology José Ramón Artigas Serpa, one piece of information called attention, in the usual press conference. 4,239 beds, 1,805 available for admission of confirmed cases”, which did not explain why Idalia Martínez and Basilio Fleitas, residents of Maceo Street, between Bembeta and Eduardo Mármol, in the capital city, and other patients, had to wait for that moment from Sunday to Tuesday, with a clear diagnosis”.

    Without discounting the personal experiences of the subscriber and other colleagues and residents of Ciego de Ávila, something showed that there is a weak point in the communication that he leaves at home, waiting, and forming a criterion, who should already be low care for high risk to your health.

    That day was signed with the stress caused in the territory by the shortage of medicinal oxygen, and the avalanche of patients in need of it.  Managements, calls, decisions, sleepless nights, brought a few minutes after the beginning of Wednesday morning the satisfaction of the arrival, by helicopter, defying the danger, of the requested gas from Villa Clara to the provincial capital of Ciego de Ávila, for its use in the provincial hospitals of it and Morón.

    Although, at dawn, the seesaw was inclined again, but not on our side.  We had risen in 217 cases in relation to the previous day.  The province reported 834 new positives to COVID-19: Baraguá: 63, Bolivia: 17, Chambas: 215, the main municipality: 293, Ciro Redondo: 76, Majagua: 67, Morón: 75, Primero de Enero: 21 and Venezuela: 7. Also, 10 deceased.

    It would come on a Thursday with more encouraging figures, but that no longer gave, precisely that, encouragement: 520 confirmed cases as positive, of them 507 autochthonous.

    As if they were few.  Even if we fell 215 with respect to the previous day and, to compare, it would not be a resource to pretend optimism, when seven other deceased people hurt the soul.  Nevertheless, being optimistic, believe me, is not yet a sin.

    We must even look at other figures that are not content, from the last 15 days: 11,982 autochthonous cases (1,574 less than in the previous fortnight), for the abysmal rate of 2,741.5 per 100,000 inhabitants, with the municipality of Chambas as the highest (3518.6).

    The call for attention in two points rises again. The first one with the 4260 beds for admission, of which 1563 are available - according to reports - while 753 patients wait for their admission (also according to reports) and there are families who do not understand.

    The second one, the positive cases in pediatric ages: 101 patients, of them six under one year of age, 15 between one and four, and 80 between five and 18 years of age.  In this, I stop again because neither Health nor the State are responsible for their situation. If there is a father or mother charging a percentage of his salary for keeping them at home, under care, why the figures; why see them playing baseball or soccer or riding a skateboard (without means of protection) in the neighborhoods.

    Obviously, family demands and institutional control are lacking: the operations with the inspectorate, the National Revolutionary Police and other control bodies have been left without "effect" due to lack of systematicity.  We could not sit irresponsibility and ineffectiveness at the other end of the seesaw.

    It is clear that we would not win.

    If we look at the country, data provided at the national press conference make it clear: “On August 19, 2020, we had three cases.  August 19, 2021: 1915”.

    More clearly ... If we continue at the worst extreme, in addition to the figures - "(...) while there is a case there are serious reasons for concern" -, let us put more weight on our side.  Ultimately, not ultimately, the SarS-CoV-2 cannot be smarter than we can.