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    The Institute for Information and Social Communication is created in Cuba

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    Se crea en Cuba el Instituto de Información y Comunicación Social

    The Cuban Institute of Radio and Television disappears, and the new structure is founded.  Photo: Cuban Television Portal

    This Tuesday, the creation in Cuba of the Institute of Information and Social Communication was made official with the publication of Decree-Law 41/2021, in the Official Gazette of the Republic No. 96, which provides details on the new structure.

    Ricardo Ronquillo Bello, president of the Cuban Union of Journalists (UPEC), highlighted in his Facebook profile that the emerging Institute should contribute to solve the structural problems of the press and communication in Cuban society, facilitating progress towards new models of public press and communication.

    Decree-Law 41 establishes that the absence of an organism that leads and controls the social communication system to strengthen the institutional framework of the country, makes it necessary to extinguish the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television and, consequently, create the new Institute.

    As an Organism of the Central Administration of the State, it has the mission of leading and controlling the Social Communication Policy of the Cuban State and Government, proposing its improvement, as well as contributing to promote the culture of dialogue and consensus in Cuban society.