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    Solid waste collection is reorganized in Morón

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    Reorganizan recogida de desechos sólidos en Morón

    The adoption of new strategies for the collection of solid waste, based on the use of alternative means of transport and the operation of integrated community work, should reverse, in the short term, the difficulties with communal hygiene in the municipality of Morón.

    Magdalena Díaz Matos, president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power stated it by referring to the work of the Municipal Company of Communal Services in hiring 40 carters, who are expected to assume the garbage collection in the five popular councils, to starting next week.

    The distribution of the vehicles of animal traction is carried out taking into account the results of studies on territorial extension, amount of population and volume of solid waste that they generate, from which the frequencies of collection by districts are also established, which may vary between two and three days, she stressed.

    Communal Services organizes the collection schedules, which must be informed to the population in meetings with community factors to promote an environment of discipline and order that is favorable to eliminate micro-dumps that affect the decoration and health of the town by establishing as targets for the proliferation of communicable diseases.

    The popular leader explained that the waste deposited in the carriages would be dumped in large beds located in the five popular councils of the municipality and, from there, transported by a truck to the municipal landfill for further treatment.

    According to the established contractual relationships, the cart drivers are responsible for maintaining solid waste evacuation, with the support of community work groups, who must strengthen the political-ideological work and the confrontation with indiscipline, in order to promote image change.

    Díaz Matos added that, at the same time, the recovery of vehicles involved in the task, most affected by the lack of spare parts, is being promoted; and the allocation of fuels for garbage collection is guaranteed.

    Amaury Musa Lara, first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Party, criticized the lack of organization in the collection of solid waste and urged to reverse the difficulties with communal hygiene, achieving optimal use of available resources.

    Meanwhile, Carlos Luis Garrido Pérez, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, insisted on achieving greater involvement of the community work groups integrated in this task and ensuring that the collection of waste is carried out with the required systematic work.