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    Federation of Cuban Women for the improvement of the work in Ciego de Ávila

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    Federación de Mujeres Cubanas en Ciego de Ávila, por el perfeccionamiento del trabajo

    The Federation of Cuban Women, as an organization that does not stop its work, has just started the political process called Updating and improving the work of the FMC.

    It is aimed at critically reflecting on the work carried out, based on good practices and concrete proposals to temper the actions of the federated ones.

    In Ciego de Ávila, through videoconference, a fruitful exchange took place with representatives of the delegations and blocks of the ten municipalities. The participants, in addition to recognizing the results achieved, at crucial moments such as those that the country is currently experiencing, in frank confrontation with Covid-19 and the global economic crisis that it has unleashed, they referred to tasks that deserve to be rethought and assured with the real participation from the base and radiating to other structures.

    Core aspects such as participation in the economy, prevention and social care, which includes orientation and education activities for women and families, linking cadres with grassroots organizations, emphasizing actions aimed at young women as well as social communication, particularizing in the work that should be deployed in social networks. They were approached, from a proactive perspective, which took into account experiences that must be rescued and enriched, in tune with the current circumstances and conditions.

    Proposals such as those to prepare and influence the training of young auditors, from the classrooms of the polytechnic institutes of Economics and the FMC delegations, or to make sustainable and diversify the sources of employment at the community level for women. Also, the development of training courses so that the presence in the different virtual platforms is effective, by showing the multiple arguments that demonstrate the human quality of the social work that we build and defend, were some of those exposed by the participants.

    In a subsequent analysis with members of the FMC Provincial Committee and specialists from the PCC's Sociopolitical Studies and People's Opinion Team, Anierka Fernández del Monte, a member of the National Secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women, pointed out this process. Ciego de Ávila has been one of the first provinces to take actions, it seeks to “rescue the protagonist, initiative, creativity, emanating from the same root, which continues to be that primary space, where we as neighbors, we propose to do good and interesting things, that are useful for everyone”. Besides, it is pondered the need to continue adding and incorporating Cuban women, present in all sectors of society, in such a way as to guarantee the continuity of this organization that continues to be unitary, authentic and genuine.