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    Morón: where a gigantic heart beats

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    Morón: donde late un corazón gigantesco

    Photos: Courtesy of El Corazón de Morón Aid Group.

    At first, it was just a family initiative, with great intentions and promoted by the youngest members, who decided to help those sick with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in the midst of a pandemic peak. Later, goodwill became "contagious", relatives and friends joined, until a WhatsApp group emerged, currently with more than 200 members, identified by the name of El corazón de Morón.

    Through the networks, the assistance team managed to cross the local borders and add friends from all over the territory of Ciego de Ávila. Besides, it does not take long time for people from other provinces, such as Havana and Camagüey, to join, most of them tied to the Rooster City by blood ties and sensitized to the epidemiological tensions of recent months.

    The contributions have made it possible to donate to the Roberto Rodríguez Fernández Provincial General Teaching Hospital, where they benefited patients from the Men's and Women's Medicine, Pediatrics and Pregnant Rooms. Duly protected, Anley Regueira Hernández, the 19-year-old girl who leads the group, has accessed these areas to also carry messages of encouragement, hope and unity.

    Thus, the sensitivity of Cubans emerges, in a civic group whose only policy is love and solidarity, so that all those who are willing to reach out to others are welcome.

    “We do not ask where they come from or how they think, what are the preferences or beliefs but at the same time, we do not admit criteria outside our work, it is something that we define clearly and it has worked for us. We managed to integrate from the efforts of a babalao to those of a Christian, people with different political tendencies and from different social levels.

    “It is an inclusive group, with the presence of professionals, housewives, practitioners of different religions, individuals with diverse sexual preferences… We have doctors from the National Institute of Gastroenterology, doctors from the Amalia Simoni Military Hospital, in the province of Camagüey; members of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and journalists from the capital of the country.

    Even political and mass institutions have joined, moved by feelings of love and solidarity. The rules do not allow political or hate speech, of any kind,” Elaine García Cañizares, coordinator of the group, explained.

    As aid to the hospital multiplied, El corazón de Morón proposed to extend its actions to the Psych-pedagogical Care Center, the institutions destined for isolation, the homes for the elderly and maternal, and the Frank País School, all of the locality. In the next few days, they will arrive at El Fortín recreational village, where they attend to children and pregnant women, low risk, infected people with COVID-19.

    Considering the presence of infants and the proximity of the school year, they will make a donation consisting of school supplies, fundamentally, to awaken sensitivity and make their stay in the place more pleasant.

    A good part of the deliveries made in the territory are linked to the actions of this group, whose fundamental contributions are personal hygiene items and food, collected in different parts of the municipality, for their subsequent distribution.

    In times of scarcity, human values ​​and a willingness to share prevail. There are many donations received daily at the Nicolás Guillén Foundation, the local headquarters of UNEAC; through the Yambambó Cultural Project, in the El Vaquerito cast; at the renowned teacher Yamila Tomasa Ferrá`s place and at the homes of the North, South, Homeland and Turiguanó popular councils, all of the municipality of Morón.

    Elaine, with the tenderness that emanates from the soul of a child's literature writer, specified that they also offer aid with medicines, which are not transferred to health institutions, but are distributed among people who request them. "We are careful not to serve as a bridge to individuals who may be linked to the illegal commercialization of drugs, an act that we repudiate, from our essence," she emphasized.

    Before donating any medicine, we always consult with doctors and nurses. In case they are not suitable for human consumption, we deliver them to animal protection groups, with whom we have links, and thus the use is ensured.

    García Cañizares considers many hearts in one that is gigantic and beats with force, that of Morón.

    Morón: donde late un corazón gigantesco

    Morón: donde late un corazón gigantesco

    Morón: donde late un corazón gigantesco

    Morón: donde late un corazón gigantesco