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    In November, High School institutions reopen

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    En noviembre vuelve la presencialidad en Secundaria Básica

    For next November 8, Ciego de Ávila is scheduled to start face-to-face classes at the Basic Secondary educational level, as part of the restart of the 2020-2021 school year, after the vaccination of the students.

    "The teachers are prepared to, during the first week of the presence, make the diagnosis of the students, which will be through observation, not with written tests," Master in Science and head of the Provincial Department of Basic Secondary, Dalia María Blanco Alejo, said during an interview in the television magazine Equilibrio.

    Likewise, she informed that from the beginning of the face-to-face lessons at this educational level, 14 weeks will be dedicated to the consolidation of knowledge and the evaluations of the students, and then another two weeks for carrying out the revaluations and extraordinary ones.

    She also stressed that with the presence in the schools, the usual complementary activities are conceived and differentiated attention will be provided to the disciples based on the diagnosis that is made.

    The principal specified that for the evaluation closure of all subjects, students must pass the systematic assessments, which will have a value of 20 points and will be made from the third week, through different routes, such as oral, performance and the written question.

    From week 10 to 14, a group of subjects will close with integrative seminars, while another one will do so through control work, which will give 30 points. It will be added to 20 of the systematic tests, they will provide the 50 that will be multiplied by two to reach the score of 100.

    In the case of Labor Education, Computer Science and other subjects, they will be measured only through systematic evaluations, which will be averaged based on 20 points and multiplied by five to reach the final grade.