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    Natural handmade soaps are commercialized in Morón

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    With the motivation of becoming a small company, Delavida project, linked to artisanal cosmetology, from the municipality of Morón, in the province of Ciego de Ávila, is inserted in the local retail market by selling, through garage sales, various lines of natural soaps, intended for human health and beauty.

    Currently, 17 varieties are sold, with different formulations, formats and prices, obtained from natural resources (medicinal plants, fruits, foods and others with topical benefits), through the cold saponification technique, which allows to preserve the additives with total quality, Yunet Pérez Pérez, project leader, highlighted.

    With durability superior to industrial soaps, they have the goodness of conserving all the natural glycerin, they incorporate between 7 and 10 percent of super-fatting, and the conditioning is kept at high standards to avoid dryness and tightness in the skin, she specified.

    Delavida, a business that combines economic, social and environmental interests, also manufactures natural artisan soaps of the gift-theme line (intended for all kinds of celebrations) and has projections of venturing into the creation of others for decorative purposes and for the hygiene of the home.

    A month after the start of the sale, demand and acceptance is appreciated, especially the products of the cosmetic lines (exfoliates, moisturizer-emollient, anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, detoxifying and anti-cellulite) and medicinal-dermatological (for injuries and skin diseases, relaxation, ectoparasite infestations and with therapeutic scents).

    Garage sales are held on weekends at Segunda Street, 27, between Ocho y Nueve, in Carrazana District, in the city of Morón, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; and they develop the modality of home service, in response to requests made by telephone or social networks.

    It is expected to provide a variety of products for commercialization in the province, including the Jardines del Rey tourist destination, considering the novelty and acceptance of the formulations, the need to increase the supply in the internal trade network, and the premise of replacing imports and enter the international market.

    In this way, Pérez Pérez stressed, therapeutic-dermatological, cosmetic and religious needs are met, the government strategy to develop Natural and Traditional Medicine materializes, and there will be the possibility of inserting new products in the network of pharmacies specialized in natural formulations.

    In line with world trends aimed at the use of artisanal cosmetology and the reduction of attacks on ecosystems, it is committed to the use of non-polluting technologies and resources, and to the reuse of discarded vegetable oils from kitchens, sometimes discharged into the environment.

    The productive chains with companies and private producers will make it possible to reduce the imports of resources when acquiring them in the national territory and give utility to the animal fats discarded in meat companies.

    Through links with mini-industries in the province, it will be possible to take advantage of waste from mango, orange, lemon and avocado-based productions, whose seeds are rich in oils with great properties.

    The availability of 1.40 hectares of land in usufruct allows the cultivation of plants, medicinal ones and other species, used for the extraction of vegetable oils, which avoids the search for raw materials in distant places and the use of industrialized products.

    Although it is intended that soaps constitute the fundamental line, Delavida also develops oils and anhydrous creams, with the purpose of expanding and diversifying its products to reach a greater number of people and meet market needs.

    The owner of the project emphasized that Delavida is the result of the efforts of a team, which includes three other workers, two of them graduates in Economics and Pharmaceutical Sciences; in addition to the support of family and friends, all with a decisive role in resource management, commercial relations and production.