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    "Baseball" fields among the development strategies of that game in Cuba

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    Terrenos «beisbolitos» entre las estrategias de desarrollo del béisbol en Cuba

    The "baseball", where Los Tigrecitos practice, in the provincial capital, is one of the best preserved in Ciego de Ávila

    The rescue of the existing "baseball" fields in the country is one of the strategies conceived that contributes to keep alive the passion for baseball, which is cultivated from an early age, when children begin to throw the first balls.

    In this effort, Raúl Fornés Valenciano, first vice president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder), called for the recovery of those fields. Many of these game locations, underused or neglected ones, in order to multiply in children the practice of Baseball in the communities and in this way, strengthen the foundations to grow in a massive and solid way in a sport recently declared Cultural Heritage of the Cuban Nation.

    As it was revealed in the Balance of Compliance with the Strategy for the Development of Baseball carried out in Ciego de Ávila, it is necessary to promote the systematic practice of this sport in all communities and population settlements, so that 15% of the enrollment that enters to the provincial centers is the result of the search and recruitment of talents.

    In the province, for example, there are 12 "baseball" stadiums in nine of the 10 municipalities (except in Florencia) and seven are in fair or poor condition.

    Diorge Agustín Miranda Yero, Master in Sports Sciences and a candidate for a doctorate in that specialty, one of the promoters of Los Tigrecitos project - along with Manuel Álvarez Lorente and Pablo Darío Cid Wong - stated that for a little over five years, they have taught to play ball for more than 400 Ciego de Ávila`s children between the ages of three and eight, an idea well received by the students and the family.

    Miranda Yero said that "baseball" fields constitute the first link where infants are linked to this sport, develop motor manifestations and strengthen values ​​and attitudes as elements of the personality.